The last of the transfers

So close now. 170 models in two months! These are the last of the transfers. Then I am going to pack it all away till the summer!

They are a pain as they are in two halves so these 48 are really 96


First 1000 points of Romans

I am getting close to the half way point of the Roman army. 5 heavy infantry, 1 light and 1 Cav.

If I sort the two characters I have a legal force. Sadly the snow has me penned in at home so no games. After this I have 74 models left to do, which is cool!

General Ballrooms Carthaginians

Project Punic Wars is on. GB is the crafty Carthaginians versus my plucky Romans. He is going with a heavy cavalry force versus my manipular formation.


He is also putting in 3 blocks of infantry and some Skirmishers

They are coming on really well. I am struggling to get my bases as nice as his!


This week I have some time so I am going to post every day. Starting with a cheeky little one.

Using the green scrubby and some MDF bases I stuck some sand on and spray up. Hedges black and bases brown. Two dry brushes later and some static grass and we are done. 24″ of hedge

Roman Progress

After a Pep talk from GB I got back to the Romans. I am close to 3 units done!

Velites, not sure I needed to buy the shield transfers for these


Love these transfers, they make the models


Hastartii (still not sure I ever spell any of these right)


And the shields for the above


Pretty sweet

40k Threeway

So Tom and his gaming heir rocked up the play 40k. My lovely neighbour Gareth had a clear out so I was using his old Eldar, Tom had his Orks and GH brought the Spear tip of the Black Templars.

Here they are now, Terminators, Helbretch, Crusader Squad, Land Raider Crusader and a Rhino.


Toms Evil Sunz are the traditional Red fast paced army


I had put together two guardian squads, Wraithlord, War Walker and a Warlock. Then dig out 10 Dire Avengers and 10 Striking Scorpions of mine. Plus some rangers

Oh and some fire Dragons


The brave guardians shield the valuable troops with their fleshy bodies!


Tom’s Orks stalk in the ruins of the city


Tom opens the game by pouring forward. GH parks all his armour on the objective


The Fire Dragons stalk towards the crusader, I figure I should get them a Falcon


Tom attacks me with his buggies, I think this inadvertently won him the game as I got distracted and used all my best men to fail to kill the buggies


The rest of Tom’s guys head towards the objective


Templars our from vehicles and Orks mop them up


Here is a massive pile of my dead guys, 😦


So we had a lot of fun. I am no expert in Eldars but I think I need to practice on using the units for their purpose as these are experts and only do that thing.





Principle Roman Progress

Romans are starting to take shape. Little Big Men transfers do a great job. I think I am going to varnish and static grass at the end.

This is the first unit. They are getting four more dudes and a movement tray.

Hastatii are going to be deployed 8 wide to maximise fighting whilst using the unit behinds tank bonus. Much like being a unit of 32!

Here are the missing 4 dudes and a unit of Velites. I need a general and a unit of Triarii and the force is legal! Watch me go!

Black Powder with Naps

So after about two years of bashing out Naps the guys (after me moaning about FIW) we pulled together two brigades a side!

French and Irish on one side

British from the Kings 8th and the Northumbians

Tom is the Brits

General Ballroom pushes the French up

The British colours are proudly displayed in the centre of the field

The French foot struggle to negotiate the fence

The British look to threaten the French flank

After blasting into one French battalion the other smashes home

Can the Brits rescue the colours

Down the left flank the light Cavalry battles it out. 14th Lt Dragoon’s take on the 7th Hussars

The Huzzars win it and smash into the battle of the British foot

The French finally crash home into the thin red line

The lines are closing in

The British shooting is slowing but not stopping the French columns

The battle line is grinding deep into British territory

Can GBs French win out. He has done the work to get them to the fight

Tom is holding, and we called it a honourable draw there.

Lots of fun was had and if we knew the rules it would have been even slicker!

Oh and here is a picture of my Cavalry!


Ok. So I need to get my stuff together. Hobby, painting, gaming and time are all over the place.

I am trying to tie some projects up. Tom and GB are all colonial at the mo. With GB having a slow cook on Carthaginians. Tom favouring Naps. Ted wants something fast plus dirty. I feel like I just need some hobby point to shoot for!

In response to General Ballroom I pulled the Romans out. Here is about 1/16 of my Roman army

I am going to crack on with these until the next thing takes me. Though it means buying a ton of transfers

Visiting Nottingham Uni Viking Exhibition

Wife and child suggested a trip to the Uni to see the Viking Exhibit, which was very cool. I didn’t bother with long descriptions but here are some cool photos

It is free to go. At the uni on the tram line. I heartily recommend it. The last picture is a Viking wargame