Warhammer Old Style

So Tom and I convened on a wet and slightly snowy Wednesday night with the firm intention to play Warhammer 8th ed. He brought with him Orcs and Goblins where as I had pulled together Undead Vampires!

Tom wanted his giant to do bad things to me. He was herding herds of goblins and Squigs

The rest of Tom’s team

This was my undead line

A shot from the other end of the table

Same of mine

I start out slow shuffling forward. This turned out to be a terrible plan as I got eaten piece meal

Despite not moving for three turns these 80 not playing any part in the game Tom still soundly won. Here his Shaman attempts to cast the Bad Moon Rising! But fluffs it

Tom’s Boar Boyz has the game of their lives killing: 10 Dire Wolves, Morris Engine and 5 Black Knights

Tom’s giant smashes smelliest. I held back with the Zombies, bad move

Tom had a resounding victory and crushed me. But I remembered how much I loved Warhammer, which was the real winner!


General Ramblings

No relation to General Ballroom (though the old chap is never far from my thoughts – and he brilliantly picked me up Shadespire Dice last week) I have all sorts of things going on.

I am working away on a Goth and Saxon Warband for the lads at Footsore.

GB and I are playing a couple of games of Shadespire on Wednesdays. Tom seems to have left the group due to swimming school but we are hoping to get some games in over the Christmas and start a Dark Ages Campaign next year! The painting of my own Saxons is pretty slow and so I will be using the Irish!

Here are my Shadespire gang. I am still nowhere near as good at this game as I would like to be. Also GB questioned the Orange weapons, but there is a plan there – honest!


Good mate Andy got me a T-Shirt from the Sega! This was for the Total War: Warhammer developers so I am very lucky indeed!


And finally this is what I look like ready to face the harsh winter. With times being hard I can’t have the heating on so wrapping up is what is required!


Dark Ages Goths

While I was out of work I was painting for the lads at Footsore Miniatures (Hi Mark, Andy and Daz). These will be when finished the SAGA warband for the Goth Faction. These have been a delight to paint and I am considering getting some of my own – I would use the rules for Franks.


These are the generals body guard and I figure they fight in fours. Really nice castings allowing the model to get a really nice paint job.


The guys sent me some Little Big Man transfers and I am trying to paint the bosses before removing the backing. This way is hopefully neater!


Brendan’s Emperor’s Champion

Apologies for the break in coverage. Life seems to have plans to keep me busier than I like.

Anyway in the background I have been painting away. I have three projects on the go right now.

This is the first:

This is a model I am painting for Brendan. He is a better friend than I deserve and this is a way I can show him that.

To be honest all of my friends have been amazing. Guess I need to do a fair bit of thank you painting!

WAB Tournament in Peterborough

So the day finally arrived when Tom and I were to head over to the land of “God’s waiting room” (there may be a disproportionate number of elderly in Peterborough). He picked me up at some ungodly hour and we headed over to grab James.

James, who I had never really spoken to before, is the jolly nice man who wrote Age of Arthur. I had high hopes for for him in the tournament with his intimate knowledge and the fact he probably had more than three games under his belt!

I am massively late writing this up, so Tom already has three posts covering his battles. In order to maximise content he has done three reports, one for each battle:

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

My report is nowhere near as thorough but here we go.

All my games were against British / Welsh armies of the native peoples of the mainland of England. All three had a large block of heavy cavalry, supported by decent infantry and a good chunk of missile troops.

It turns out I had little that could deal with these monster blocks of cavalry.

Here my battle line moves forward to engage the enemy.

The first game was against Andy the tournament organiser. His army was beautiful with hand painted banners.


I was sold the lie that my characters would “do for” enemy characters so I was throwing challenges out left, right and centre. Except my dice where pants and they all ground on. If you are Irish you need to kill quick and then get to the business of adding to the body count!


My right flank turned into a right mess as my dogs chased off some skirmishers (who chose to run rather than fight – the dogs haven’t been that good in any game, but there rep is amazing at this event so they win fights without fighting!!). I lost a block of troops and was slowly bringing the British allies round.

The centre was pretty solid but the left flank had been smashed to bits by the golden hammer of heavy cavalry!


Here are the beautiful heavy cavalry being awesome


By the end my centre and skirmishers had done enough to get me a minor lose.


Before Game 2 it was lunch and time to smash down two pints and stuff a burger into my face. This would make me better (it didn’t) but I felt good!

Francis was applying the the same formula 4 blocks of Brits, one unit of super cav plus a sprinkling of skirmishers.

I lined up. I had one more fighty unit and more skirmishers. We would see how it would go.


The British take the hill. Choosing from the British list your infantry are “heavy” so negating the advantage I had there. They also have shields do they have a (very slightly) better save,


Fairly confident the Brits advanced


With the flower of Arthur’s cavalry


The game objective was to take the hill and the hut. Francis had the hill!


I forgot to take photos for the really exciting bit. Basically I got a charge from my general into the heavy cav, broke them, chased them. Francis’s army held, then counter charged, my general broke and he rallied his general!


On the left my troops come through the woods!


My general runs off the board and my entire army panics, 😦

Leaving me with some cavalry and skirmishers


My last gambit is to charge the heavy cav with my not so good cav, I throw out a challenge and I hit his general. The game comes down to a single save which if Francis fails his general dies. He saves and I suffer a major lose.

My final game I forgot to photograph and was with a great bloke call Dave. He was massive.

I won that one so a mixed bag for the day.

It was a lot of fun and I would definitely do it again. Tom and I are looking at organising one ourselves!

Birthday Huts

So this is what Mrs Soldiers got me for my Birthday. A fantastic selection of gifts, including a goodly selection from Warbases.


So I built them, cut up a flannel and soaked the strips in water and PVA and stuck them on the rooves. I then stupidly left them outside to dry, catching the only shower of the day!


Two days later after they finally dried I got to spray them. I used as many different colours on the rooves as I could. I also added sand to some PVA to add texture to the walls.


The finished article!!


I now need to sort the rest of my roman road!

Bridge over the River Greeny

I am way behind on posting. I have found myself a job and as a consequence thrown my leisurely lifestyle into disarray! But one has to pay the bill!

This is the battle report from when Tom and I fought in preparation for the upcoming tournament. I will post up about that and link to all the other Bloggists who where there. I just checked Tom is way behind as well so don’t have to write about him being better than me.

So in this scenario the brave Irish are trying to forge a bridge head over a fast flowing river to invade the lands of the Late Romans lead by Tomosius. The hearty warriors of the Clan McGlassen (means Green and is actually my Clan though I am like 20 off the top, Catholics!) send fourth their General Stevo McGlassen to hold the ford in single combat whilst the rest of the army move up. Tom quite wisely sent forward his Bishop.

Now the Bishop charges in and I plug him with a javelin for half his wounds.


Realistically I need this combat to last as long as possible giving my army time to move up ready for the assault. But old Stevo here has different ideas and caves the Bishop’s head in round one. So reinforcements are nowhere to be seen :{


So my general’s Ceithern yomp up and plunge over the ford – big mistake he is surrounded and murdered. The only good news being that half my army hadn’t arrived yet to panic and run off!

Tom pursued and dumped his best troops onto the ford.

I repaid the favour of all the troops surrounding him.


Even so I couldn’t get across as Tom had so much in reserve and the game ended.


The buggers!


The learning points, try and keep the Irish together. We can’t go one to one with other units in the game so we need to kill stuff on our terms. As I am writing this retrospectively I know I haven’t done well at the tournament either but at least I got some soldiers and chocolate coins!

Saxon Heroes

So with loads of gaming, life crap, Witcher 3 and everything else I have been grinding on with project Saxons. Footsore Miniatures is the manufacturer. Blatant plug but they are the good guys so go and have a look at their stuff.

This is the ASB, again banner by Wargames Designs, please note that the banners go the opposite way to the Irish so if they fight all the flags will go the same way like the wind is blowing across the battlefield.


This is one of the special Vikings you get for ordering from Footsore. I switched out the axe for a spear so he can stand in for a Saxon hero.


Here is my Saxon Warlord. Isn’t he rugged? And don’t forget he is strength 5 so fear his wrath! Downside: two attacks. So fear the wrath turn two of combat mighty heroes!


Front view: Sticking with the turquoise and white theme, Byron would approve!


Again another Viking who has stepped into the Saxon role. I am going to try very hard to not give in to the urge of painting a Viking army. There are too many on that band wagon already.


I am doing these guys at the same time as my first unit of Duguth so hopefully get everything done and posted up early next week.

Late Romans stick Irish in Age of Arthur

In a vain effort to not look like knobs on Sunday Tom and I gathered to play some Age of Arthur. Tom, of course, has completely finished his force and will not be sticking on static grass whilst driving to Peterborough on Sunday. Here is his army now:


This is my lot. Look Tom movement trays and static grass and shields. To be fair I have no magnetic solution to the army so I am not sure how I am transporting them to the Peterborough (at freaking 6am!!!!).


Side shot of Tom’s. I love the Roman shield walls, they just look awesome!


We skirmish pre move. In case it is not obvious Tom has really good troops that do what you want them to do. I have buckets full of mentalers who pretty much do what they want with much gusto. But I hope that quantity has a quality all of its own!


Initial skirmishes lead to the dogs bouncing off the bow armed milites. I always get suckered into shooting at the skirmishers which is probably the least effective use of my missile troops.


The envelopment plan is going ok. My British allies obviously don’t fully back this battle plan and are hanging back to see how it goes before committing to the plan. With allies you have to roll to activate them for the first time. I, of course, rolled 1 two turns running and so they sat there considering the Irish rush onto the Roman spears.


So the basic plan here is to slam Ceithern into the front of Tom’s elites and give him horses in the side. We argued as to how horses work in this. I wanted them formed up as how I read it this gives them the ability to use the leadership of the hero and stuff. Tom said they were fine as skirmishers. Post battle I read that to take ranks they need to be formed up, so I cheated and probably won the game on that charge. They will be formed on Sunday.


In the middle we have a fairly even battle line.


It got very exciting in this middle bit. I smashed through the line. By rolling the flank and not properly aligning my fights didn’t go horribly wrong. I think most importantly Tom deployed zero shield walls. I was expecting an impenetrable wall of steel. Again this would have thrown the battle his way.


Summing up. I need to control the battlefield more. Put my damn ASB and Warlord in the middle. I did keep my heroes in the fights that means I kept killing stuff.

For Tom, SHIELDWALL!!! Also have ASB and Warlord in the centre and try to draw people into fights they can’t hope to win.

Overall Tom should have won. But I think we both learnt some stuff.

Finishing the Saxon Bodyguard

These have now had the bases painted and we are magnetised as the Irish go everywhere and I don’t have a clever solution for them. See I can learn from my mistakes dear reader.


Following the over regimented theme for these guys I have gone with geometric shield designs. This is just the base coat, there was highlighting too! I blutacked them to a coaster so I could paint them!


Close up on the command


The finished unit with bronze rims. Pretty decent looking bunch of fellas!