In a darker time in 2014 I began blogging as a way to engage with my hobby and have an escape from some dark stuff going on in my life. In the following three years I bashed out 550 posts, around 700 painted models and 120 odd games of this and that.

Due to technical difficulties and a massive bot infection. I need to move my blog 😦 on the bright side I get to learn about WordPress (gulp, but what doesn’t kill us), I get to have a proper look at the blog and make sure it does what I want it to do and how it does it. And I get to blog again – which I really enjoy!

Here is a picture of a work in progress Kill Team leader for Shadow War Armageddon. As I think you should always have a photo.

Kill Team Leader

I have not quite cracked all my photo editing, twitter feeds and the like yet but as this is free content placed here for the enjoyed of the world (but please do not knick it and repost, as I get cross) I hope you will bear with me whilst I learn my trade again and figure everything out.


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