I went to Partizan yesterday with my good friend Steve Morris. Neither of us had an agenda for the event, but I was curious to see what was going on in the world of soldiers so we traveled from the sunny shires of North Notts to the more easterly Newark.

The only thing that I was thinking of maybe sorting out was my lack of trees. I am all over the Warhammer trees but they are the only trees I have and they are no good for any of the other stuff I play!

There were either very expensive – but nice trees or cheap and nasty trees. With work being a bit up in the air at the moment I think blowing £70 on trees might be a bit of a luxury. But there was something that did catch my eye.

The other thing I have been missing for some time is a road! Now the problem has always been that all the roads are too narrow. Which means that they always look odd when you stick a 125mm wide unit down on it. They are also pretty useless in terms of battlefield impact, unless the game gives a movement bonus, which Warhammer doesn’t so it has never been a priority.

I have not got the full hang of this WordPress thingy but I got the photos on. Now for my £12 I got two packs of 6 x 8″ long (don’t you just love how Brits mix there Imperial and metric measurements!) road sections. And here is where I take advantage of the design of the road, a tile of MDF with a paper upper. With some foam card and some love, that bridge I had always dreamed of. I will photo the river tomorrow with Bridge so that you can see it. But it all seems to work. I need to do the next pack, I might cut some angles so that I can turn the road, but it is coming together and for £12, a chunk of foam card, a piece of cardboard and some base texture I have my road and bridge!

Sweet, kinda proud of myself.



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