Right now I am a bit sixes and sevens with the whole painting thing. There is a lot going on in my real life, when I can say more about that I will.

For now this is what I have part painted:




Now this is a fairly random mix. Some of the oldest miniatures I own and some of the newest.

Brendan and Andre got me the Archai for my 40th – two years later I have nearly finished one of four.

The Khorne Warrior is a new colour scheme I wanted to try as I wanted a different retinue in my Bloodbound army.

And Ruglud’s Armoured Orcs are a tribute to the first models I ever painted. I want them to be front and centre in an old school orc army that annoys Tom!

After my weekly trans Atlantic hobby BS hour with Brendan he is after a painting guide to the Khorne Hero, I have a plan for a whole retinue like that, but must remember photos.

It was part of today’s plan to get the Archai done, not sure if that is happening. But will finish tomorrow.


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