As is tradition for Bank Holiday Weekend Tom and I got together for some soldiers. I had been having a look at the old Wood Elves (they are a mix of very new and very old models). Tom thought that Orcs would be a good match up for so we set to it.

The story (which Tom shrugged at) was that the local toll bridge and surrounding small holdings has seen the on coming rush of an Orc army and called on their neighbours the Wood Elves for help. It was Tom’s Nob against my Wood!

My army:

Level 4 Mage – Shadow Magic

A Waystalker – Bow of Loren

A Glade Captain

16 Glade Guard – Hag Bane Arrows – full command

10 Glade Guard with Starbright arrows – full command

10 Glade Riders

5 Wardancers

5 Wildriders

5 Sisters of the Thorn

5 Waywatchers


Tom Had (from my addled memory):

Orc Warboss – Armour of Destiny, Sword of Swift Slaying

Orc BSB, Light Armour Shield, Amulet of Preservation

Level 4 Night Goblin Shaman

Level 2 Night Goblin Shaman

Night Goblin Big Boss

Night Goblin Big Boss on Massive Squig

28 Orc Biguns – Full Com, Additional hand weapons, probs Banner of Eternal Flame

48 Night Goblins, spears, full com, 2 fanatics

20 Night Goblin Archers, Full Com

6 Trolls (random mix of stone and river)

5 Forest Goblin Spider Riders with bows plus musician

5 Forest Goblin Spider Riders with bows plus musician

2 Orc Boar Chariots

Tom lines up with some big chunky units in the middle


I am facing off with my delicate cavalry


Over on the right you can just spy my Waywatchers in the graveyard, my Wildriders are facing down the spider riders with warhawks in support


Table eye view, there are a lot of Orcs!


Clattering through Tom’s light cav I now have the challenge of some tougher and bigger units!


My bowmen hold the centre, I must paint more of these!


Tom has a moat around the tower but I have to pin cushion him to force him into making some rash decisions


My Glade Riders arrive


Tom’s Chariot smashes into my Treeman, does some damage but does not kill it!


The Warhawks go for the kill!


My shooting was having an effect


My left flank was all but lost


The right flank was better but when outnumbered 3 to 1 every casualty is very expensive!


The glass hammer that is the wild riders come to try and save the Warhawk riders


The Wardancers try to cut the head from the snake, it doesn’t go well


Tom’s 50 Gobbos hold the left flank, the Glade Riders need to break the chariot before the mass gets to them!


My last remaining combat unit lines up against the tower


I had given it a good go and Tom’s army was far from unblooded but it was not a game I was winning. It might be that the army is not in a place where it has a focus or an area where it truly excels at. Bit of thinking and painting required!


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