Coming to this blog I have to remember that you may not have all the background and in jokes off of the old blog. Especially as I have more followers on the old Facebook and Twitter than anywhere else.

So my gaming group consists of three main members, Tom is a friend who I met in my days in Games Workshop Mail Order nearly twenty years ago, as you can see he has an awesome blog and has also written up this battle so for hilarious commentary and loads of close up photos of miniatures in the battle shoot over there, just don’t forget to come back.

The other corner on the mighty triangle that makes up the Sherwood Hucknall Ilkeston Team General Ballroom (GB), great friend for over a decade. He was our host for the evening and had painted all the scenery and miniatures and had mostly learned the rules.

The Scenario:

My valiant explorer Stefan van Grune had rescued Creamy Beatrix from the dastardly Arabs who had kidnapped her (just from the off I will set out my stall that this whole period feels very racist, though it is very easy to judge from 150 years in the future) they set up camp believing themselves to be safe. The troops of the expedition had been sent off hunting.


Tomadin’s men where unhappy at losing Beatrix stormed onto the field. At the same time my hunting parties returned the jungle.


My guards face off against Tom’s musket men.


With a roar a sleeping lion is awakened from its slumber and drawn into the fray.


Tom has me in a pincer move. Can I hold off until reinforcements arrive. My soldiers, probably my best troops, are closest to the lion (blue turbans) and I was worried that I might lose a key part of my force.


I throw the young braves into Tom’s soldiers, in a shooting match they can’t win but up close they are very nasty!!


My other young braves tackle their opposite number in the other force.


Tom’s young braves and then a volley from the muskets reduce my young brave’s to two men with stress tokens stopping them doing anything this turn!


The lion springs on my soldiers!


Battlefield view. My centre is gone and my soldiers engaged with the lion. I have some very delayed explorers trooping on on the top right corner but it may be too little too late!


The soldiers kill the lion, but both of my young braves units are pretty much done, it is all on the soldiers!


The explorers head through the jungle hoping to outflank Tom


Tom starts searching tents for Beatrix whilst I am trying to rally and claw the game back!


Clawing I am killing the two units of Tom’s soldiers. But I have lost the askari (middle ones) and some braves! Might not have lost!!


But with some crafty work Tom’s grabs the lady and legs it. I lost focus and should have been better!


Another fantastic game of Congo. It has a lovely engine in it. I am not wedded to the theme but I can see variants in other settings coming in the future!


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