For the last five years I have been lucky enough to know the lovely bloke Byron Orde who is all Warhammer Internet Famous as on of the guys behind Facehammer and Element Games. The one thing we never did in all that time was play a game.

Byron came round, brought his soldiers, ate vegan things and then we got ready for some war. Byron has a lovely Elf army and I lined up my Blades of Khorne fellas.

Here are Byron’s Ellyrion Reavers, pound for point the most expensive models you could own.


We have a Phoenix, more Reavers, some archers, Teclis (pretending to be a girl) and a Stormcast backing them up.


My table was set up for old Warhammer and we agreed that the river was impassable except at the bridge (which I still love) and the ford. This lead to the funneling of my much larger army into two choke points. Here we can another Phoenix, archers and Phoenix Guard heading for one of the three objectives.


Say what you like about my largely infantry army but Khorne love the cardio, my Lord and Khorgorath (see my spell checker face palm) make it to the ford at the same time as the Phoenix (Byron’s General)


I do have plenty of bodies to throw at the Phoenix on the bridge, let the grind begin!


Here is our Hero Byron, if only I could give up all meat and diary products I would be that thin!


Byron’s Phoenix is a nightmare to wound as it has save + a million. But my lord has this axe……


My lord gets eaten, but the amazing Blood Warriors (must get another unit) keep swinging even when you kill them, if Byron can just roll enough 1s!


My sneaky move of hiding an Exalted Deathbringer in the Reavers means that the Phoenix starts taking damage on the bridge, I probably should have thrown the warriors in first but we keep chipping at the massive frosty bird!


Khorne Lord on Jugger vs Reavers, sorry Byron!


Byron throws his entire right flank into the melee. That stack of counters is Byron’s bonus to the Phoenix save, sad face!


The reavers die, I now need to swing back round, my those Phoenix’s are tough!!


The world blurs as Celestant Prime arrives, gulp!


At that point the Phoenix General is dragged down, leaving the Reavers to guard the centre!


The Khorne Warriors come in as the Reavers are butchered!


The Celestant Prime after getting very close to dying kills my Jugger Lord!


The Warriors are eaten, the other Bloodreavers fail to kill Teclis.


With this Byron has won the game. By racking up consistent points on the objectives he takes it!!

We then went for beer and Curry, amazing!


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