So these guys have been partially done for forever. I finally sat myself down and got them finished.

Dude with massive flaming anvil!


Massive axe and claw anyone? I switched the head out as the other one was a bit rubbish!


I saw this colour scheme on another blog and had to try it. At some future point I intend to do an entire retinue in these colours. Brendan (my close friend in USA land) wants a painting scheme which will turn up on here at a future date.


This is my second slaughter priest. Massive axe as well. I am character tastic now for AoS but can also play Gorechosen which another good friend, Andy Hall, loves as the post midnight board game to accompany a decent single malt.


As threatened I wanted to talk about the blog a little. It has been a little without focus. I am pondering a proper project to arch over the next few months. I am finding myself with quite a bit of time on my hands but lacking some discipline. By nailing it down here I am hoping to achieve a considered, complete army with a great theme and story. Next post should put it in a clear frame. Then we begin!!


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