So Tom and I both scampered down to Warhammer World to get copies of the new 40K and other gaming stuff. Then raced back to the North Nottingham gaming hall to try it out. I had quickly read the rules to try and make this a bit easier on us!

I was GM (you don’t need one) Tom was Orks and Tom Jnr was Black Templars. Tom as always beats me to posting so here is his version.

There are three ways to play 40K now much like AoS:

First open play – no points just gauge it

Two, narrative play – uses power and gives rough parity (exact equipment not accounted for)

Three, matched play – full points for tournamenty stuff

I think I would always go with power as life is too short!

So Tom is on the left and his gaming heir is on our right. The Orks pour across the board. Vehicles are faster but infantry about the same.


The Landraider (tin box) is super hard in this and a little worrying for my eyes. It is about a 1/3 of the army value but is un-scratchable for the most part!


The important change for me is that stuff feels more survivable in this version of the rules, which is kinda odd as everything can now hurt everything. Tom’s Deff Dredd took an entire army of shooting without fully (one wound left) exploding which is loads better.


Space Marines proved as hard as before, especially if you dig them into terrain and keep the enemy at arms length.


Overall 40K is not a million miles from where it was. The simplification has enhanced the playing experience and means it is far more accessible for new/returning players. I am very excited to play more.

As promised I will commit to a project. My Project is 100 power of both Orks and Blood Angels so I can invite people over to play. Now back to painting!!


3 thoughts on “40K 8th First Stab

  1. Good stuff. It’s nice to have a focus. I think mine is going to be Shadow War and Necromunda, but don’t hold me to that. I’m sure something shiny will come along.


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