Tom, General Ballroom and myself got together at the Ilko gaming Hut to hunt for Treasure in the Congo. Tom,  who is a better blogger than me has already written this battle up and has much more close up shots of the models.

The mission is to get into the centre, dig up the treasure and leg it.


Tom enters stage left and mills about a bit!


Aggressively I pour troops onto the board!


There are some guards on the treasure, I need to get rid of those before I can start digging


I am moving towards the treasure, I am hoping flooding the objective will pay off!


Tom is skulking, not too much of a threat yet!


And then Tom goes and wakes a Gorilla! Oh dear.


Tom’s guys circle the clearing to the north


Disengaging from the Gorilla Tom unifies his force and advances on the objective


Tom is much more together here where as I am over extended in the centre but carving through the guards


I charge in to try and take the advantage with my spears


The clearing is turning into a killing ground with neither player being able to get a toe hold


The young braves battle it out, mine are badly battered and are easy prey for Tom’s untouched warriors


The battle ends with the treasure still in the ground. Neither player could gain any further victory points. As I had murdered all the guards and they pay out 2 victory points each I had won it!!



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