My really good friend Owen Branham (off of Forge World) who I had the privilege of working with for 20 years came over to play some war games and drink beer. We went for the classic Dwarfs vs Orcs, how awesome!

Owen’s models have been in loads of GW publications for over two decades (closing on three) so this was a real treat!

We rolled up the Watch Tower scenario which could be tough if Owen bunkers some of that high quality infantry in the tower. He also won the roll so started in the tower, I started ploughing into the tower pronto!


I had another second plan which was to sweep round the left flank with everything with legs, the right is going to be tricky to take!


My boar boys square up against the hammerers, gunna be a big ask from these guys!


Taking my advice Owen drops his 50 strong Dwarf Warrior unit with BSB and Warlord into the tower, that sound was me losing the game!


My chariot tries to do what the Boar Boys failed to!


I have one unit of bog standard orcs (half orcs) trying to stop longbeards coming across the ford, I am less than hopeful!


4 Ironbreakers remain. I was throwing everything at the tower but in the end there was no way to budge those Orcs.


Great game and really good to see Owen. I am back over at his next. report to follow!


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