The plan for a summer project is trying to get two decent size (100 Power/1500 points) armies for both Blood Angels and Orks. This lets me play 40K with anyone and even allows me to host games for people. And sadly my choice of Ork clan is somewhat under support in the index book. Hopefully GW will sort me out in the codex!!

Anyway I am progressing the Bangel agenda:

Death Company Squad, these were assembled for Storm Claw scenarios that I played with General Ballroom. The weapon load is not quite to my flavour but they are painted and done


Tactical Marines, the spine of any army. I have 30 of these to get through, here are the first 5. I am pondering whether to snap out three five man squads first or grind the ten man squads for completeness. Then of course is the debate on the new Primarus M\rines or Scouts, decisions, decisions!


Saw my mum yesterday and she had found this in the house, he must be 20 years old. I am debating squeezing him into the army



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