As part of project 40K, I am getting together two armies to do battle. Thus if people don’t have one then they can come and play, cool right?

I wanted to do some of the new Marines and as I had the box set so grabbed out a set of the standard dudes.


The poses are great, very dynamic.

I sprayed them Mephiston Red, Mournfanged Browned the belts, Agrax wash all over then highlighted up on the red – Evil Sunz, Wildrider and then Fiery Orange.

Hope to have then finished at the weekend.

These guys did not shine in a recent game. At about 1.5 times the cost of standard marines they don’t seem to punch hard in either shooting or fighting. I will see how the Plasma guys do but I think I might go with Tactical Squads over these (though they look cool) as the sergeant, special and heavy weapons give a bit more umph! and add sprinkles to the vanilla ten wounds 3+ save.


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