After getting creamed by the evil Genestealers (Bat Rep to come) I needed something to so them down a bit. I also wanted to do the unique stuff for the Blood Angels. I figure as I do loads of armies I should take each one down the road of being as much of their own thing as they can be!

So anyway I wanted to get this done nicely but quickly, let’s see how we do it:

Start with blocking out the blue (Macragge Blue), I am halving the dreadnought for reasons!


Next let’s get the Mephiston Red on to get the Blood Angel thing going.


Block and line highlights, I washed the blue but not the red


Brown out all the scrolls and skulls


Now over the top with parchment colour (ushabiti bone), leave some of the brown showing


Screaming skull highlight


Gold on the gems then gem up (black and red, red the orange) I have white coming later so will dot the gems then!


Green for tubes, seals and leans. Highlight the tubes, and leans. Silver on keys and stuff.


I do a different tone of green on the seals. I light greyed, and then whited on the wings please face. And I use the white to do the dots.


Black writing, base coat force halberd, highlight black bits.


Highlights on halberd, gloss varnish gems and lenses.


Close up!


Do the base, and done!


It took a few days but there is your quick fire Dreadnought


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