Tom and gaming heir arrived for a Saturday afternoon game, we flipped through the 40K and found out the rules for multi player games. On the bones of Triumph and Treachery the system works really well.

Tom got his Battle Report up first just go here.

Gaming Heir bunkered down with his mighty Templars


I am at the end and hugging cover too as I am somewhat out matched having the worst possible combination of neither armoured nor blob guard army.


Tom’s Red Orks, they are super tough!


Tom starts the treck into no mans land!


My Leman Russ goes up against the Land Raider Crusader, that doesn’t go well for me. Multilaser Scout Sentinels hunt Orks, must remember to keep them out of charge range!


Still a lot of dudes on the table, keep your heads down lads


The Orks head towards objective on my right,  I have a squad their but that will not stop a Trukk, Warboss and Ork mob.


Chimera and Kasrikin are going to try and stop the Ork advance


Meanwhile Gaming Heir is being overwhelmed by Orks, the shear volume of dice pumped out by Ork units mean that equal points of Tactical Marines versus Orks is a super tough challenge


A barely scratched Land Raider is winning the tank dual.


My Iron Fist squad take the objective but the Orks are coming


The Shoota Boyz pile into the guard, not going too well


Tom had all the objectives bar one and had racked up all the points and won. Well fought and loads more 40K fun!!


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