So Steve Morris, off of being my friend for ages and formerly my colleague at Forge World, came round for a game of new 40K – yes I am playing quite a bit of this at the moment. It is great!

Steve took the Orks! I took the Sons of Guilliman (yes you might have spotted I have painted a lot of different Space Marine Chapters – which is cool, not sad and lonely).


Steve uses the Dakka Jet to hunt my characters, the darn thing was nigh unkillable!


My left flank form up. There seem to be a lot of Orks!


The Jet tears lumps out of the Librarian!


Quantities of Ork Elites charge my right flank!


Librarian is down to one wound 😦


I push the tactical squad forward shooting and then charging, big mistake! Those five at the back are dead!


The Terminators come to back up the left Flank!


The Chaplain gets the Dakkajet treatment!


After wiping out the rest of the army (bar a very badly battered Predator) Steve swamps the Terminator Chaplain!


Another easy win the Orks, I need to run them against Genestealers to see how they fair against the toughest opponents I have thus far discovered in the new 40K world!


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