Spurred on by Brendan’s teasing about home wreckers and Tom’s challenge to refight the Rynn’s World campaign (we managed one game last time) I got all excited about space marines in general and Crimson Fists in particular.

As a second founding and famously most peoples first image of a Space Marine I don’t have to worry about the Heresy muddying my build plan they can be purely 40K and the embittered enemies of my Orks.

With my airbrush and some free time I can get onto batch painting the Fists

Originally the Hellbasters (not knicked from Volleygun fame at all) were going in the Blood Angels but they sit a little better in the Fists, as with the Termies and the Primaris Captain. I will do the Intercessors and the Fat Sky Divers too.

2017-07-11_07-39-39_939 - Copy

Here we have another Tactical Squad (number three), a Primaris Ancient, Apothecary and Centurian (power extreme) Devastators!

2017-07-11_07-39-51_162 - Copy

I also have a Dev Squad, Land Raider and Dreadnought cooking. Hopefully something will actually get finished soon!


4 thoughts on “Crimson Fists

  1. Or did it, as I have been able to find very little actual fluff about Primaris Marines means they might have been there all the time. TBH as is they are not that good, I will be largely sticking with the original marines!


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