So the night before last we played a game of TMWWBK by that great bloke Dan Mersey (he wrote nice things on my old blog and is a mate of Tom’s so he is alright by me).

I have to say this is a fantastic little rules set. The game bashed along at a fair old pace. Tom had done a lovely job of painting all the models and he even did unit cards so you randomly got variants of each unit to make them more flavoursome.

The game begins with one of my units defending “Creamy Beatrix” as the Afgan hordes descend. I am not going to lie, at this point and with General Ballroom getting the first turn and storming onto the table with his entire army I darn near crapped myself.


My troops formed close order drill and I brought on a field gun


GB herds more guys towards me


And yet more


They are getting very close!!


GB moves again and I am now terrified, but then I shoot


and a unit is cut in two!


It then got all very exciting and I forgot to take photos for ages, hardly anything left


To win GB had to get two units to the creamy one, my firepower proved too much, but the game went down to the wire.

Looking forward to doing more though we are talking about starting the French Indian wars!!!



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