On Friday night I visited my good friend Mark Farr from Footsore Miniatures who had sorted out the first part of my Dark Ages army. He very nicely had got me some banners and pikes too!


Nice drop of packaging


Here are all the toys!


Assembly began Saturday morning, slightly hung over due to my friend Tim and his ace plan of drinking Laphroigh!

Unit 1 going on 20mm citadel bases, cause I have loads!


First 24 assembled, very bored of drilling hands already with 44 more to go 😦


Grey spray for those. I am using different sprays to add variety to the drab colours basing the models.


Brown unit, I am doing the shields separate but am learning that they don’t like staying stuck to the models!


Unit three, dust coloured. The final list isn’t decided yet so with a bit of mixing and matching I can reconfigure units to different sizes.


Dusty slingers!


So the first 95 models are assembled, based and sprayed. I got 20 Fianna and 24 Combrogni (hard Irish men and common British warriors) at the show so we are at around 140 with some more bits to add.

More tomorrow as some painting has occurred!


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