In a vain effort to not look like knobs on Sunday Tom and I gathered to play some Age of Arthur. Tom, of course, has completely finished his force and will not be sticking on static grass whilst driving to Peterborough on Sunday. Here is his army now:


This is my lot. Look Tom movement trays and static grass and shields. To be fair I have no magnetic solution to the army so I am not sure how I am transporting them to the Peterborough (at freaking 6am!!!!).


Side shot of Tom’s. I love the Roman shield walls, they just look awesome!


We skirmish pre move. In case it is not obvious Tom has really good troops that do what you want them to do. I have buckets full of mentalers who pretty much do what they want with much gusto. But I hope that quantity has a quality all of its own!


Initial skirmishes lead to the dogs bouncing off the bow armed milites. I always get suckered into shooting at the skirmishers which is probably the least effective use of my missile troops.


The envelopment plan is going ok. My British allies obviously don’t fully back this battle plan and are hanging back to see how it goes before committing to the plan. With allies you have to roll to activate them for the first time. I, of course, rolled 1 two turns running and so they sat there considering the Irish rush onto the Roman spears.


So the basic plan here is to slam Ceithern into the front of Tom’s elites and give him horses in the side. We argued as to how horses work in this. I wanted them formed up as how I read it this gives them the ability to use the leadership of the hero and stuff. Tom said they were fine as skirmishers. Post battle I read that to take ranks they need to be formed up, so I cheated and probably won the game on that charge. They will be formed on Sunday.


In the middle we have a fairly even battle line.


It got very exciting in this middle bit. I smashed through the line. By rolling the flank and not properly aligning my fights didn’t go horribly wrong. I think most importantly Tom deployed zero shield walls. I was expecting an impenetrable wall of steel. Again this would have thrown the battle his way.


Summing up. I need to control the battlefield more. Put my damn ASB and Warlord in the middle. I did keep my heroes in the fights that means I kept killing stuff.

For Tom, SHIELDWALL!!! Also have ASB and Warlord in the centre and try to draw people into fights they can’t hope to win.

Overall Tom should have won. But I think we both learnt some stuff.


4 thoughts on “Late Romans stick Irish in Age of Arthur

  1. Splendid report!! Your cavalry can only negate enemy rank bonus if formed although they do gain flank attack bonus even if skirmishing. We are looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!! 😁


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