I am way behind on posting. I have found myself a job and as a consequence thrown my leisurely lifestyle into disarray! But one has to pay the bill!

This is the battle report from when Tom and I fought in preparation for the upcoming tournament. I will post up about that and link to all the other Bloggists who where there. I just checked Tom is way behind as well so don’t have to write about him being better than me.

So in this scenario the brave Irish are trying to forge a bridge head over a fast flowing river to invade the lands of the Late Romans lead by Tomosius. The hearty warriors of the Clan McGlassen (means Green and is actually my Clan though I am like 20 off the top, Catholics!) send fourth their General Stevo McGlassen to hold the ford in single combat whilst the rest of the army move up. Tom quite wisely sent forward his Bishop.

Now the Bishop charges in and I plug him with a javelin for half his wounds.


Realistically I need this combat to last as long as possible giving my army time to move up ready for the assault. But old Stevo here has different ideas and caves the Bishop’s head in round one. So reinforcements are nowhere to be seen :{


So my general’s Ceithern yomp up and plunge over the ford – big mistake he is surrounded and murdered. The only good news being that half my army hadn’t arrived yet to panic and run off!

Tom pursued and dumped his best troops onto the ford.

I repaid the favour of all the troops surrounding him.


Even so I couldn’t get across as Tom had so much in reserve and the game ended.


The buggers!


The learning points, try and keep the Irish together. We can’t go one to one with other units in the game so we need to kill stuff on our terms. As I am writing this retrospectively I know I haven’t done well at the tournament either but at least I got some soldiers and chocolate coins!


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