Warcry from Ages ago

This game is from ages ago. I have been a rubbish blogger but I am still trying.

I go5 to choose deployment and had put General Ballrooms hardest blokes in the middle

This is my dagger moving in

GBs beer was modelled on my thunder cat

I started ripping into the ghosts, evil griblies rocked up

I started to use the monsters to slow them down, and if in doubt send the cat in!

I am pretty sure I won that game but can’t remember. Game two vs Tom started next!

Tom is borrowing my Iron Golems 7ntil he paints his crow men.

His was a pretty smile scenario that Tom paid no attention to. 8 and o kill his leader. He thought it was reciprocal, it wasn’t!

I killed his leader, I won

Still having lots of fun with Warcry. Self contained game with really nice models, one hour pla6 time and interesting scenarios. What’s not to like

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