2000 Points of High Elves

After getting over the Age of Sigmar nonsense I put all my High Elves back on square bases and did some adding up and I am 20 Lothern Sea Guard, one wizard and one BSB away from 2000 points for the proper square based game!

The Lothern Sea Guard are the key core choice for me in this army as the other infantry (archers and spear men) look horrible – sorry Shane.

With the rules all of them fight and will usually re-roll to hit. They also shoot in three ranks, or three and a half if stationary.

Sorry still very black. I am not happy about the amount of flags left to paint but they always look good once done!

Wizard, most of the colour is blocked out and I am not sure what is stopping me finishing him, there are quite a few areas that are hard to reach!

This army has long been a thorn in my side and I would love to have it as an option. I might see if Tom fancies playing the Grudge of Drong as that is High Elves vs Dwarfs!

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