STC factory on Rynn’s World

With Byron’s new paint brushes I wanted to have a play with some larger models. The trash talk Gaming Group (I’m looking at you Daz) are all about the 40k and my plan had always been to have a large force of Orks and Crimson Fists to play the Rynn’s World campaign. Now this list was probably built for 6th edition but we are all good really as all these things (bar the whirlwind) stack up as viable in a list.

Stormtalon, I dropped it but it will have twin assault cannons on the front but I will magnetise them as the clips have snapped off, grrr!

Rhino one, in the cold hard light of photography I have picked up some dust which is less than ideal but this thing will be lucky to be on the board turn two. It will need some smoke launchers.

Whirl wind, still the detail to do but we have a low point artillery piece great for low point games, it doesn’t get to the sweet sweet strength 8 for killing Orks on a two sadly!

Rhino Two, this one is for the Sternguard Squad so will get a dirty big cross on the back, denoting it as target Primus if choosing between the three rhinos.

Last rhino, again the dust has got to it and I will have to be more careful. Weirdly they are all painted with the same paints but all five vehicles are different hues. This is for a Tactical Squad again.

This army has been built from the odds and sods and left overs of the other marine chapters I have, but is slowly taking shape. The 40K starter set is also contributing. I will as always carry on with this until I get bored. I am very aware that progress has stalled on the World Eaters project but I am do an icon bearer over the weekend as I continue to try and source chain axes.

I think little Steve has hit a seem in his lead mine so everything should be all right!

2 thoughts on “STC factory on Rynn’s World

  1. At last marines…..the Emperor smiles on you force, not the wolves of fenris but then who is…. Seriously looking good the rhinos look great.


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