World Eaters Team Progress

First up is Brendan, his jam is converting. I think the red stuff is Khorne’s blood.

Rhinos and Dudes.

I am glad he is bringing the Hulk as I feel it will make a real difference in closing the gap with his giant leaps.

His a lovely team photo!

Some WIP from the Brendan

These are the Zerkers built by Jim, going heavy on the Khorne heads here, very cool!

These are Jim’s painting beginnings, looking good!

Brendan starting to paint. We are getting a pretty uniform look to the army. I am getting very excited and can’t wait to see 4000 points of World Eaters all together.

Sweet. The brown on the trim is dark than mine and I think it looks better so I will see if I can get mine closer.

Derek is bringing the big smash. When partnered with him my job it to draw fire and wait for these guys to level the stuff I can’t deal with.

So this is the line up. I think we have a super strong look and feel to the army. I will bring more progress reports as they are ready!

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