Smash Captain and Chums

The last of the models have now arrived and with a heavy heart and lighter wallet (GW spare price hit £65 a share directly linked to my purchases I feel) I now have everything for the AdeptiCon army.

I am looking forward to finishing this Herculean task so I can paint other bits.

Proper work from the spare Warp Talon legs comes the Smash Captain. Weaker than the Red Butchers or the Berserkers this guy still will whack most things pretty hard.

The plasma pistols have been pretty meh, and the one time I supercharged a shot I lost a Sergeant.

First four Warp Talons. I wanted them to be less gribbly monster and more space marine. I have a plan to expand the Eaters of Worlds to 2000 points.

Last four. All the units are in eights. Brendan will not allow anything else unless he must. My expansion plan will be based around the theme of the Legion just turning to Chaos. So in are Havocs, Raptors, Chosen, Predators, Bikes, Land Raiders and Vindicators, but all the daemon stuff is out. Though I think that there may be a two part plan as these are sapping my energy!

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