Technical Basing article

I don’t do many techy posts as I figure most of my readers being chums will just ask me how I did something, but here are a couple of things that have made a real difference to basing and I wanted to share:

Big Rich (none ironic) gave me this thing. You fill it with your chosen glue and then it comes out of the handy spout

Here is the handy spout now. It is great for applying the glue and sucks back in when not in use!

This thing is the GW basing tool. Flexible and easy to clean loads better than using a paint brush.

I have also upgraded my glue. I don’t do tons of scenery so a litre of high quality wood glue for £5 will last me years. It is thicker so goes where you want it as some other stuff drips everywhere. You can also get waterproof if you are really going for it or need something really though!

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