Tom and General Ballroom showed me CoC

Went round to GBs last night for a game of hide the sausage Chain of Command. Both of my gaming groups have been talking about playing WWII and I have always been a little shy of it, though I have 20 painted Germans.

Let’s go through the aspects:

What it looks like:

So that is pretty pretty so that is good. I have some walls and fences and all the battle mats so that is ok! I think I would need some buildings but that is ok too!

The soldiers are nice, I think I would get metal for the most part as it is 30 figures or so and you would be doing it for all the special stuff anyway.

The Game:

You roll a pool of dice and use those to activate your chaps, I didn’t understand how to use the Germans and it soon became apparent I was using Blood Angel tactics with a Dark Angel gun line so fell foul of Tom in the later game but only after MG42ing the hell out of everything.

So I would definitely play it again and will get a small force. I am thinking something ridiculous like French or Italians, I’m just not sure!

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