Warhammer 8th Ogres invade the Empire

In a little corner at the top left of the empire sits Nordland. An uninspiring place much lost to the wildernesses of the great forests. Thinking back to its former glories here once sat the Princes of Marenberg and the controllers of the Empire fleets.

On a fine summers day an Ogre hulk was sited off the cost and the Grandmaster of the Knights of the Prince of Marenberg gathered a force to repel the invasion. Or read – Tom had painted some new Ogres so we set to to Warhammering! Boom!

Tom’s new Mournfang Cavalry that I got him for his 50th!

Well balanced models, Tom has them all in their pants to maximise bodies on the pitch!
So the tower has three Leadbelchers in it, six Ironguts are worrying!
More Leadbelchers and a scary cat thing
My battle line. I wasn’t hopeful at this point. But if the guns did their job I could win!
Tom’s line
The battle lines close, well, ogres closed in on us!
Scary isn’t it. Three loads of misfires on the guns!
The forest isn’t great protection from the leadbelchers!
The Ironguts make contact. They rinse through these like a hot knife through butter!
So the Greatswords are getting smashed up, Halberdiers are holding versus the Mournfangs
And now I have a cat round my flank!

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