Seven Years War Battle Report

For a couple of months now I have been painting two SYW armies with the eventual hope of an actual war game.

I have to say they have come out better than expected and given me a new and diverse (so they are all white men, mostly with massive moustaches) painting challenge in terms of uniforms and colour schemes.

Austrian Forces
Prussian Forces

Tom is the Prussians and Kenton is the Austrians. They are trialling my Horse and Musket rules. They seemed to largely hit the mark but we are going to tweak the command rules a bit to be more representative.

Austrian Dragoon’s charged by Prussian Cuirasses, that’s going to hurt

Again some minor tweaks to make cavalry go for flanks and rear charges representing the formed infantry of the period being able to repel frontal charges in almost every instance.

Heavy Cavalry doing their thing!
Kenton’s Russian allies wheel to sure up the flank that the cuirasses are smashing through
Musket lines square off
Three lost Cuirasses but a very real danger on the flank
Tom charges them into a defended obstacle

The only saving grace for Tom was that the Hungarians were unloaded so they couldn’t fire, but still not a great move.

On the other flank the Prussian Hussars are smashing that flank, it isn’t looking good for the allies!
Prussians are largely intact and starting to roll the flanks of the allies

Kenton was pretty much over run from there.

The rules worked pretty well and the lads seemed to enjoy it! would definitely do it again and can’t wait to see a bigger battle once I have phase 3 complete.

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