Empire Civil War Conclusion

Over the winter and touches of spring Tom and I have been battling for a chunk of land that sits between the border of Nordland and Middenland (let’s call it Sheffield). I had been doing pretty well and had pushed Tom’s forces back to a village that if I could capture or raze would leave him with no way to support his forces and would ensure the Nordland expansion.

So we set to play the Raze and Ruin scenario from the big red book (thank you Jeremy!)

The way to win this scenario is loads of artillery to smash the buildings up and decent infantry to storm the buildings! And that is where I cam undone. Due to the packing process I could only find about half of my empire army, most cavalry and the infantry I didn’t want!

Loads of Cavalry, a War Wagon, and a Luminark

Tom however had all his army available, went for big blocks of infantry and Flagellants, impossible to remove from the building as they have to fail a break test = which they can’t, or all die, there were freaking loads of um!

So shooting everyone in the buildings became the game plan

It actually turned into a pretty close battle. There were three buildings that gave you five points each and the tower gave you ten. So I either needed all three or one and the tower.

Demis vs Knights!

I was obviously clearing up Tom’s field troops but that wasn’t getting me closer to the objective. Classic win the fight lose the battle scenario!

Pegasus Captain

This fellas never makes it to the board but I had back all to field and he actually proved his worth disrupting and killing loads of soft missile troops.

So as you can imagine although the campaign ended Tom retained the village meaning we were somewhat at a stalemate. The village meant I couldn’t over winter and although I had bloodied Middenland’s nose I could not claim the territory!

Good game!

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