Dungeon Bowl Game 1

The last month or so I have been plugging away at getting Dungeon Bowl ready to play and today young Kenton came round and we tried it!

Fantasy Football in a Dungeon

I took the College of Life and Kenton went for the College of Shadow.

Now the old Dungeon Bowl is not something you can pick up and play, the same is true for Bloodbowl but even more so with this.

You have to be pretty familiar with BB and then add in a load of random stuff, a change to the stats, walls, teleporters, chests and if you play the rules different stuff going on in every room!

Saying that we loved it!

Bit of a mash in the middle.

You play to the first touchdown so there is an element of attrition, luck of teleportation, Kenton lucked it by finding the ball in the first chest and we only had two teleporters mishaps in the game!

I was starting to get desperate
Lots of deads
On both sides

Kenton slipped a gutter runner past me in the end and despite three fumbles to pick the ball up I couldn’t stop him!

It felt really close, it twisted and turned back and forth and I felt like I had to think hard about what I was doing. Genuinely enjoyed it and have put aside all distractions in order to refocus on the DB mission!

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