Present from Brendan

About six months ago Brendan said he had some Witch Elves going spare that he no longer wanted. I said if he wasn’t going to use them I would take them off his hands.

Bless him he then packaged up 14 lbs of Warhammer and whacked it in the post!

So from Baltimore to the Isle of Wight, with a failed start at customs and of course Rail Mail and HMRC taking their slice! Apparently if someone sends you a present cross boarders you have to pay VAT on it!

Here we have sixty odd Warriors of Chaos, the same in Marauders, Hell Cannon and a Wood Elf Battle Standard Bearer
Bottom Box; Four Shaggoths, 20 Knights, 30Marauder Horse, two chariots and two Spawn! Oh and half a blood knight!

Top box is a Werewolf Army – fully converted from rat ogres, converted cauldron of blood, 25 wolves, lots of odd bits of a weird undead army.

There were also a unit of Witch Elves

Struggling as to where to start to complete Brendan’s Fantasy Battle broken dreams but really looking forward to the challenge.

Thank you my friend – PS Mrs Soldiers has stated that both he and this shipment which is currently living on the dining room table may be cited in the divorce!

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