Seven Year War Battle Report

Been on the island now for eight weeks and am really enjoying my time at the South Wight Wargamers Club. If you are on the island and have never been then get yourselves down there!

Patrick and I had promised to do a historical battle and as my favourite is Seven Years War he indulged me. He even went Austrians so I could be the Prussians!

This is Patrick’s left flank

So Patrick has Cuirasses, Austrian Musketeers, Austrian Grenadiers, and Hungarian Musketeers going right to left!

Patrick’s right

Austrian 9 lbs guns, Russian Musketeers and Austrian Dragoons

Essentially the two armies I have painted are identical and all the flags go the same way for each army but opposite to the other army so it looks like the wind is blowing in the same direction on the battlefield!

Austrians on the left Prussians on the right

Going up from the bottom of the Prussians we have Prussian Cuirasses, Prussian Musketeers, Prussian Grenadiers, 9lb er, Hanoverian Muskets, 9lb er, Prussian Fusiliers and some Prussian Hussars.

Patrick blocks off his right and advances down his left
Not messing about the Austrian Cuirasses smash into the Huzzars at the top of the picture
My Cuirass fail to connect to the Hungarians leading to a protracted battle in the centre
The Prussian Musketeers hold the left against the Russians and the Dragoons
The fight on the right decides the elate of the entire battle as the Austrians hold against the Fusiliers and the Hanoverians
The Prussian Grenadiers break the Hungarians but can’t catch them. the Cuirasses brace for a face full of lead!
To carry the day Patrick throws in Cuirasses and Grenadiers

That fight ended in a crushing defeat on my Right and the left was pretty much even so the Austrian’s carried the day. I am still tweaking my home baked rules and god bless Patrick’s patience as I haven’t played them in about a year. Great game though!

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