Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game

So I got to play an actual wargame on the island with someone who has an army!

Rich T has his Uruk High and I had to choose an enemy hero to kill
Here is my hero I had to save
This is the pile of poo I had to capture
This is where Rich’s (I have horribly assumed that Rich is the preferred shortening) objective
View of the set up, watch as all the baddies funnel down the near side
Evil Rich (he actually seems really nice) pushes all the soldiers down his left!
So all of my cavalry is slaughtered by archers as they go over the Ford, Faramir tries to kill them with the sword
This is the left flank,turn on turn of Minus Tirith ho.ding but slowly being ground down.
The rock stayed mine though the battle was evidently lost
Farmer killing chafbut the battle far away being lost!
The forces of the two towers have prevailed and I am lost!

So I gave a good fight am I am excited about MESBG again! I may find myself painting more of that! Thank you Richard T

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