March Week 2 more ASOIAF

I seem to be at sixes and sevens as to what to paint. I am still very much ASOIAF but struggling to focus on the next project. After going this way and that Patrick has pushed me towards Renly Baratheon so I think that is the way forward. I also have lots of flowers to put on to bases so this all works out nicely!

Got two games in at the Club as well. I am still very much a beginner and I found out I have been doing the tactics cards wrong. Pat was very kind about it.

I feel like using the Nights Watch is cheating a little as they just seem so good. I felt like poor Pat had to constantly game the bags on the tactics board to stop me healing though he used cavalry well to hunt down my weaker units and end them quickly.

Game 1
Also Game 1
Dabble with painting Greyjoy, Westeros’ answer to Space Wolves
Some Umber Berserkers and the Greatjohn
Pretty happy with these and am going to do a skin and fur Stark force.
These are finally getting an outing next week for a big game. Facing the Greyjoys of the mighty Sean!
Here is the start of the Renly Baratheon Force.

The Renly force is no one’s text book list but I have models and paint so I will cobble it together and see how it works on the field. It really is a force of two halves with heavy infantry in one direction and light skirmishes and cavalry in the other. I need to source some cheap Champions of the Stag!

That’s your lot for this week. Will look at another painting tips post later in the week. Take it easy dudes!


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