Kill Team

Good old Keiran (yes he spells it wrong) came over for some Kill Team action. This is something I wanted to try for a while. I have painted Plague Marines and Keiran had done the Ad Mech dudes from the box.

I haven’t finished painting my scenery yet but it did for a first bash.

To be honest it didn’t really like tickle my fancy. There wasn’t a lot to it. I moved forward, Keiran shot a lot. Repeat. You get command points to try and add flavour but it was quite frustrating.

Tom’s definition of 40k is the Chinese Take Away of Wargames, if that is the case I may have found the prawn crackers!

The scenery is good and the models useful but I think a small game of 40k would be more interesting


Orks on Orks Battle Report

Tom was expecting me to be using my awesome Nurgle Marines. But I am trickier than that so took my Orks instead. Ha har!

Now the concept of my Shooty Ork Army seems to not compute to Tom as throughout the battle he kept asking why everything had the suboptimal gun options. It is because it is a shooty Ork Army!

Here are Tom’s none shooty Orks

Here are the Shoota boys in there truck, and Tom’s Irish Lager! Here is his token effort for a shooty unit

Burna Boyz and Killa Kans, heavy flank!

So I’ve got the Big Gun, the oldest one ever, Shoota Boyz, Nobz Mob, Warboss, and Killa Kans and a Painboy

Lootas, more Shoota Boyz (see a theme here) and Burna Boyz. There is also a Dakka Jet somewhere

Tom advances upon me. With his actual proper Ork Army that wants to fight all hand to hand. Not like awesome yellow orks that do shooting! I moved up a bit to get some shooting in. It has virtually no effect on those Kans.

Tom butchers my Shoota Boyz but at a massive cost of boyz. I have 3 Kans to kill the Deff Dread and Nobz to kill boyz. The Dakka Jet is hunting Warbosses!

Tom’s Shoota Boyz gun down all the Lootas and capture the building!

The Shoota boyz are backing up the black camoed Nobz. Unless Tom had just not painted them…..

My shoota boyz have bitten off more than they can chew!

So I sent in my Kans to sort the problem, they do!

Now my Nobz go toe to toe with Tom’s Nobz

The Dakka Jet after dominating the field turns on the Shoota Boyz

So yellow proved better than red in this engagement!

Loads of fun and a great warm up for Orctober

Tom wrote a much funnier account Here so get over there and have a little read!


Following my plan of buying zero models for this army I dug this out from one of my old 40K starter sets. Not enamoured with the Multi Melta option I harvested a predator turret for its double Las Cannon. This with a massive fist adds some anti tank to the army. I am not sure how well I will cope with hordes as I have so few models but this guy is not too bad in a scrap.

I am trying to hold the whole army to the same pallet. I need to varnish and static grass but almost there.

This is model 15 which is half of the plan. So time to crack on with the next half!

Nurgle Marines Squad Two

I have spent the week in agony with a blockage in my guts! Hence no posting. On the upside I lost half a stone.

These guys have been done for a while but I hadn’t got them up.

Part of my challenge is to use what I have so I built these out of the burning of Prospero box.

I had a slight varnish/rain issue so they have gone a little dusty but I think we can cope.

Need to do a bit more with his face. Not being a great modeller I painted the damage and boils on. I would say 7/10.

I didn’t have transfers so painted the symbol on the pad too. I need to think of what to put on the other side. Suggestions on a postcard. I have figured out I had the notifications turned off so didn’t see comments. But that is fixed now!

Prior to the spray I was proud of this one. It still looks good but not quite the suppurating torn armour I had it to.

The face rip isn’t as good as I hoped.

So I now have two squads done. At the time of writing I have the Helbrute and the Commander well on the way. I then have to tackle the Forgefiend.

Triumph and Treachery

I have made it my vow to play a game of Warhammer (square bases) every month. With that in mind I made Tom write on the calendar and even got the world famous Andy Hall (Warhammer Total War writer) together!

This months battle was Triumph and Treachery. But we forgot how long it takes so get ready for two amazing turns!

Tom brought Ogres with Dwarf allies

I went with the Orcs Undead combo

And Andy famed as a Skaven general borrowed my Ratmen and took some Dark Elf allies along.

Tom needed to make some tough decisions as he was in the never popular middle spot!

Splitting his forces he engaged on two fronts

The flower of Orcy Cavalry smashes into the Skaven slaves, no contest!

Meanwhile Tom engaged my giant, not sure the big lad is up to the task

After the giant is beaten to death with massive hammers I throw as much of my force into these Ogres as I can

Using clever Orcy magic I drop my savage orc biguns behind them!

The Skaven make a move on the west of the battlefield

Yes he managed to rally the slaves

I push up against Andy’s army

I was ready to drop the hammer on the evil ratmen

Super duper Skaven spells murder 7 Boar boyz, darn it

Tom piles into the central tower, whilst his force rounds Andy’s flank

Battle becomes truly joined, but I need to get the Savage Orcs in

The Ironguts are formidable and smash through the skeletons

Sadly we ran out of time but a great battle was had!


I often neglect this part of the hobby prioritising miniature painting. However with the up coming Kill Team stuff with General Ballroom and Ted I was actually quite keen to get some done.

I have the Kill Team box and the stuff from Shadow War Armageddon. So this is what I have made

I have started painting it and I don’t think it is coming out too bad

Hand painting it is taking time but I think it will be worth it

First finished piece

A power generator

Death Guard for Kill Team

Both General Ballroom and Ted have been talking about doing Kill Team. It is a small skirmish game of about 100 points of 40k with some Necromunda mechanics thrown in. Ted and I have a game on Friday so I hunkered down to o paint a team.

I first looked at doing a Genestealer Cult army. I really like the look of them, but you need about 20 models and that wasn’t going to fit my timeline. I had the Death Guard from the 40k box set sat not doing anything so decided to go for those. Sadly I can’t get seven into the team (that is Nurgle’s number) but I painted seven as this might be the start of a new army.

Here are a load of pictures of them:

I wanted to spend proper time making these really nice. There is an awful lot of detail so they took a lot longer than I thought. I was rather indulgent with white undercoat, but I wanted a good painting experience.

I have enjoyed it.

Next time I will show you the terrain I have done!

Warhammer 40k Black Templars vs Orks

Slightly blurry start to proceedings. We are back on Armageddon, the Orks are rolling across it. They have bought big stuff like Morkanoughts. Are they go8ng to win, are they bob!

Gaming Heirs Black Templars are rock solid, even without special characters. They have the brand new Primaris Marines to help!

We brought Orks (Tom and I). As I write this I thin’ you might need a fair amount of filling in if you a4e new to the blog.

The Sherwood Hucknall Ilkeston Team S.H.I.T. Consists of me – Stevo of Hucknall, Tom of Sherwood and General Ballroom of Ilkeston. We loosely hang about, paint soldiers play games and drink beer. Others come and go but we are the core. We have a gaming Hall, Hut and Shack each so we can game and host at all three venues. This is the firs5 game 8 have attended in the fully operational Sherwood Soldier Shack. Tom’s gaff.

Gaming Heir is Tom’s second son and the one most likely to play games. Son Prime has fo7nd girls!

Back t9 40k and Armageddon!

The armoured spearhead of Killa Kans – we mustered 5 and slugga boys approach

Look at them in all their glory. Tom’s is an Evil Sunz Army where as mine is Bad Moonz, hence the red and yellow going on!

More hard stuff, Morkanought (Tom) and Dakka Jet – me!

Oh and I hid my Burns Boyz in the shadow of the giant Orky robot!

Sadly loads of Black Templars turned up and blew up all of our stuff!

Despite our best efforts the Blac’ Templars a4e not for turning! Good game though, and smashing new shack

Tom’s Blog has a much funnier version of events here, also if you don’t already follow his blog.

Battle Fleet Gothic

So it has been twenty years but here is a game of BFG

My Imperial fleet lined up against Kieran’s Chaos fleet (yes he spells his name wrong!)

After a Nova Cannon blast the Chaos fleet advance at full speed

The Killfrenzy unleashes on the Imperial light cruisers

Both fleets fully engaged. All torpedoes fired. It is down to the guns

Concentrated fire and the turning circle on the light cruisers leads to a lot of crippled chaos ships

As often happens in the BFG both fleets are pointed the wrong way

Two capital ships floating hulks, two crippled Kieran cut his losses and fled

We both really enjoyed it. What a good little game

Savage Orc Arrer Boyz

I continue to be in a gaming fug but I am continuing to push paint on to models.

The Savage Orcs are part of a project to fill out my Orc Army.

This was part of my spraying them yellow and blue glazing them experiment. What do you think

You do need a highlight or two before the glaze but it does work!

I know I need to do the bases.

More soon