Savage Orc Arrer Boyz

I continue to be in a gaming fug but I am continuing to push paint on to models.

The Savage Orcs are part of a project to fill out my Orc Army.

This was part of my spraying them yellow and blue glazing them experiment. What do you think

You do need a highlight or two before the glaze but it does work!

I know I need to do the bases.

More soon



Played Warhammer, failed to report it

Tom came up with this fantastic plan to play Warhammer once a month. A big game to revel in 8th Edition glory.

It was all set for Tom, Kenton, Graeme and myself. Tom fell first to a calendar user error! Next was Graeme who forgot it was his Birthday, 40 years old!

Kenton and I pressed on regardless. With old school Dwarfs vs Orcs and Goblins!

I failed at reporting and took only three photos but Kenton as the Dwarfs won convincingly! But more importantly we played the Warhammer.

30th August for the next one


Stone Trolls

The finished article

This actually brings me to 18 painted trolls, 12 left in the unpainted pile! Now I think I have three old ones in my Slaanesh army.

Anyway here they are

I do need a movement tray for these guys

Gorbad Ironclaw

In the background I have been chipping away at my Orc Army. I have a fairly formidable Goblin army but the Orcs are always something I have neglected. It is odd as my first ever Army was Orcs. I have got the 3rd Ed Ruglud’s Armoured Orcs in the pipe and I have nearly got the stone trolls done too.

Gorbad is famed for sacking the Empire and leading the hardest Orcs. On his back he even carries the Solland (I think) Runefang. I will check after I finish this.

Four photos, I now need to get my three units of boar boyz finished ready to charge int9 battle,

Nurgle Chaos vs Ogres

Tom and I found a free evening GB was tearing his kitchen out, not a metaphor apparently, so we got the the Warhammer 8th edition. Not the best Wargame in the world but better than all the others we play.

Forces of Tom were the Ogres three massive units

I had pulled together a rag tag assortment of Nurgle men

As neither of us really had much magic or shooting it was just down to the fighting’!

I advanced

Tom charged

Oops the army shot of my lot

I snuck some Daemons in to fill the last 150 points

The Mutilith that never gets a spell off got charged early and held out until Festus and his lads turned Up!

Surround and and destroy

The trap closes

A gouger arrives, and dies!

And the mutilith and retinue continue.

The battle had seemed pretty even up to about turn four then it all went my way, sorry Tom!

Over a month between posts

Firstly, not dead. But I have been having a tough hobby time.

I have cracked the Rubik’s cube, painted some soldiers and watched the World Cup!

I even have a battle report I owe you, that will come later in the week, for now I am just checking in.

Carthage stick Roman

Like total war roman but with soldiers!

General Ballroom and myself had lined up to play the second Punic war last year. I painted all my soldiers (nudge) but GB is not finished yet. We gave the first game a go with 1500 points

The might of Carthage

Sneaky horses working the flank

Aren’t the shields lovely, and a plastic Weliphant!

We agreed on a basing scheme so that the armies go together

GBs heavy cav, I am not sure how effective they will be…

Manipular formation Romans

Close up on the shields

Right, pageantry over, let battle commence!

Rather than muck about I went straight for it! The Hastarii were pulled out of formation charging skirmishes, might end badly

So Elephant charges, ouch! The central hastarii break and catch GBs centre unit and my Hastartii on the right leg it after losing half their number!

GB does some sneaky encircling!

Two units of Principii and a unit of Hastartii surround one of GBs Demi phalanxes

That elephant won’t die!

My infantry wipe out GBs left and centre and look to capture his general and bodyguard, my Hastartii refuse to rally!

The crewless elephant rampages taking two wounds off my general, who legs it

The Triarii need the Hastartii to help them against GBs elite heavy infantry.

First blood to the Romans but the Italian peninsula is no Carthaginian free yet!

Warhammer afternoon of gaming

I snagged an afternoon off work soooo Warhammer. I have been working on splitting my Orc and Goblin army into an Orc Army and Goblin Army, Kenton kindly agreed to help me test it!

Kenton took the Goblins

I had the Orcs, I have a regard for Boar Boyz that far exceeds their battlefield prowess, but never mind.

Kenton charges forward, I am more careful using my missile troops to shoot things

The boar boyz hurtle forward. To be honest there was no way they could kill a Goblin horde, especially after fanatics

For good measure Kenton threw in a Wolf Chariot, possibly overdoing it!

The massive spider was also going to be a problem, I must paint the other one I have!

Kenton’s chariots skirt the boar boyz and savage Orcs hutting softer victims

This thing is terrifying

How the centre looks, the trolls are whittled by Goblin shooting, the biguns too are reduced, I smell a big scrap coming!

The big fight, Skarsnik vs Orc Warboss

Plus retinues!

Everything is engaged now!

This fight is carnage, and watch that fanatic whirl by

Chariot dead, grrr Goblin BSB murdered it, and the trolls are covered in the bitey mouths

A surprise move but actually very clever

The main fight, Skarsnik vs Warboss


Gobbla just eats him, done!

The troll wasn’t have the best time,

We agreed on a draw as although Skarsnik had defeated the Warlord he broke and was run down!