Emperor’s Children Librarian

So I have no Emperor’s Children models, not a one. But I did want to paint one, as usual I didn’t finish this, it might be a whole magic paintbrush vibe going on or it might just be that I get bored easily and the last bits of models bore me! I will finish this… Continue reading Emperor’s Children Librarian

Assault Intercessors 1st Floor Done!

The protracted process of me growing a knee back is not going as well as one could hope. These week I have started to get some of my mental faculties back and this has shone a light on exactly how rubbish spending all day in either bed or an armchair is. A man came to… Continue reading Assault Intercessors 1st Floor Done!

WIP Assault Intercessors

I have a plan. The plan is simple. Until I can walk properly I am painting stuff in the house. Which is mostly Dark Angels. The next cool thing I have is the Assault Intercessors. These cheeky monkeys are pretty good in a scrap. I can’t help myself. Chain swords should have chevrons. That is… Continue reading WIP Assault Intercessors