End of May

Got back to Game of Thrones this week, demo game for Simon at the club. He seemed to like it, and it was an awesome battle! My Nordland army is one of the poorer provinces and I see the posting there for the Reiksguard to be the one that attracts the worst of the regiment,… Continue reading End of May

Week One 2023 Hobby Activity

So the soldiers household has been hit with all manner of lurgy so hobby activity has been a little slow. Whilst feeling sorry for myself I built a Blood Bowl Treeman Hoping for a better week next week. Definitely getting a game in, going to get some stuff painted and will start some kind plan… Continue reading Week One 2023 Hobby Activity

Final Post of 2202

Weekly round up of hobby, this feels like something I can manage without too much stress! I want to get the Knights finished, Brendan is telling me off for not painting the Witch Elves he’s sent me! I may also get dragged away to paint some bits for Xenos Rampant. But an exciting hobby week… Continue reading Final Post of 2202

Empire Civil War Conclusion

Over the winter and touches of spring Tom and I have been battling for a chunk of land that sits between the border of Nordland and Middenland (let’s call it Sheffield). I had been doing pretty well and had pushed Tom’s forces back to a village that if I could capture or raze would leave… Continue reading Empire Civil War Conclusion