Lost Panzers – Found um

Here they are. Pesky little fellas!


A mis-toned wash has a line on the right turret and the dry brush and wash didn’t quite cover it. But at battlefield level this shouldn’t matter.

I am looking at infantry and artillery now to round this out, and then of course…scenery!

100 Points of Panzers

So Sunday morning saw the concerted effort of Panzer painting saw them as close as I was going to get them

Panzer IIIs with the long 75mm


Panzer IIIs with short 50mm


My command with the long 50mm, I figured to keep them at the back so extra range will help but these hopefully will not be deciding battles unless I am doing very poorly!


Two Panzer IVs with short 75mm, these pack a wallop in mid war!


I seem to have mislaid a photo of two Panzer IVs with long 75mm guns. When I find them I will post them up.

The decals looked super fiddly so I free handed the insignias. The crosses and numbers are ok (mostly) but the palm tree thingy was a fail!

Battle Mat and Tank Progress

At Toyfair this year I got to see this awesome new Battle Mat. The right size at 6′ by 4′ and more importantly desert on one side and grass on the other. I am letting it flatten out but it is a great addition to my stable of Battle Mats.


I have also made progress on the Panzer IIIs and IVs. I have not yet decided on the exact split of the teams and do need to think about infantry and support. But all that is for after I have got all the tracks painted and these guys washed and detailed up.

Thank you airbrush for really breaking the back of the work and getting me to a great starting place.


The Sherwood, Hucknall, Ilkeston Team are moaning about my obvious and inevitable move to Flames so I fear I might be painting both sides and GMing but I can live with that. I know Tom wants to do large sweeping battles in the desert and GB loves the period so I might be pushing on an open door.

Barricades and a Game with Alex

So a couple of weeks ago my friend Alex came over to play Wargames. Because I am a dumb ass I forgot to take any photos, but partly for the game and partly due to John French’s moaning I have started painting more terrain.

I hope to paint a new piece of terrain for each game but we will have to see how it goes. I would like tiles but I struggle on how to base them. As I write this I am once again mulling over how I could get a full 7′ by 4′ board done. But that might be for another weekend.

Anyway, here are the Barricades I painted.


Alex and I had a great game and a good chat as we were co-managers together in the same department until very recently.

Alex has promised to go away and paint his miniatures for the next game so I am really looking forward to it!

15mm Germans

As Tom predicted it took the hobby butterfly in me about a week to succumb to the lure of lots of little tanks. These guys come from the El Alamein box from Battlefront Miniatures my new employer.

Great little kits that simply give you a load of options and go together in about 10 minutes.





I have not glued the tracks on as I want to spray them separetly. I have gone for fairly gentle weapon options as I am not sure how effective everything is in the game and from my crude understanding German stuff is powerful anyway.

I will embark upon painting them this weekend and let you know how I get on. Desert War here we come!!

Crimson Fist Land Raider

Now for about a million years the normal Land Raiders have been balls. They do not know what they are doing. Against Infantry they are meh, as tank hunters they are ok but sub optimal. However, in the dawning of 8th they find their place once more in the world. Tank killer (four Lascannons baby), plus a Multi Melta, Troop killing with two Heavy Bolters and a Storm Bolter we are killing everything!

Here is one that Gary gave me that I finally patched up and painted!

This needs some transfers and a little bit of detail work but it is almost there (Dave Done).


Side view


As I had the paints on the pallet I bashed this guy out too. He needs more work but will try and get him polished off soon.


Due to the volume of SM stuff I have gathered over the years I have all the options (except a Thunderfire Cannon but it is on Ork tracks…sorry long rant moved to a future post) so refining what the final army looks like is tough at this stage. I am trying hard not to paint a million Captains as I have loads and they are all cool.

Anyway hopefully finishing some stuff on the next post, or maybe more battle reports.

40K Three Way – Salamanders, Orks and Genestealers

The members of the Sherwood, Hucknall Ilkeston Team gathered once more for wargamming and drinking. I suggested going to the pub but 40K won out.

First time in a while I have beaten Tom to the punch and got my report up first.

This is a 50 power game (the power thing is working really well for us as it is quick and easy – I can see it being open to abuse but we aren’t that clever) I warned Tom before we started that General Ballroom’s Genestealers are lethal.

With that is mind he lined up next to me and made for a fight!

I am on the left and Tom is on the right


Did I see something moving in those buildings?


Oh, they are all full of Genestealers, sad face. You get 10 Genestealers for 8 power making them slightly cheaper than a Tactical Squad. I think with the GS’s moving at 8″, advancing D6″ and then being able to charge 2D6″ you have potentially the one turn charge! Once in combat the Marines can’t win so it is all on the shooting!


Tom is lined up ready to smash me with his main unit


Which he duly does, my Captain’s heroic intervention is the only thing denting those Orks, the Dread eats a couple of Nobs, I am trying for the morale check


While Tom and I tear lumps out of each other GB is free to roam the board


What remains of my force as my Captain cuts down the last of the boys. I have lost two dreadnoughts and a Tactical squad!


At this point: GB has lost one model, Tom has a Trukk with some boyz in and a couple of Deff Koptas, I have a Captain badly injured, a Tactical Squad and an Assault squad in reserve.


The inevitable happens and the Genestealers pounce. Tom and I take a fair few with us but in the end the blue and purple tide carry the day!


I am really enjoying 40K and it is an absolute joy to get each of my armies out to see how they fair (TBH a lot are Space Marines and so it is different windows into the same house) I am going to look at getting the Chaos and Elves book so that I can give those a blast too. Anyway I think I am just rambling so will sign off for now!

Crimson Fists

Spurred on by Brendan’s teasing about home wreckers and Tom’s challenge to refight the Rynn’s World campaign (we managed one game last time) I got all excited about space marines in general and Crimson Fists in particular.

As a second founding and famously most peoples first image of a Space Marine I don’t have to worry about the Heresy muddying my build plan they can be purely 40K and the embittered enemies of my Orks.

With my airbrush and some free time I can get onto batch painting the Fists

Originally the Hellbasters (not knicked from Volleygun fame at all) were going in the Blood Angels but they sit a little better in the Fists, as with the Termies and the Primaris Captain. I will do the Intercessors and the Fat Sky Divers too.

2017-07-11_07-39-39_939 - Copy

Here we have another Tactical Squad (number three), a Primaris Ancient, Apothecary and Centurian (power extreme) Devastators!

2017-07-11_07-39-51_162 - Copy

I also have a Dev Squad, Land Raider and Dreadnought cooking. Hopefully something will actually get finished soon!

Orks vs Marines Battle Report

So Steve Morris, off of being my friend for ages and formerly my colleague at Forge World, came round for a game of new 40K – yes I am playing quite a bit of this at the moment. It is great!

Steve took the Orks! I took the Sons of Guilliman (yes you might have spotted I have painted a lot of different Space Marine Chapters – which is cool, not sad and lonely).


Steve uses the Dakka Jet to hunt my characters, the darn thing was nigh unkillable!


My left flank form up. There seem to be a lot of Orks!


The Jet tears lumps out of the Librarian!


Quantities of Ork Elites charge my right flank!


Librarian is down to one wound 😦


I push the tactical squad forward shooting and then charging, big mistake! Those five at the back are dead!


The Terminators come to back up the left Flank!


The Chaplain gets the Dakkajet treatment!


After wiping out the rest of the army (bar a very badly battered Predator) Steve swamps the Terminator Chaplain!


Another easy win the Orks, I need to run them against Genestealers to see how they fair against the toughest opponents I have thus far discovered in the new 40K world!

Chaos Marines vs Orks

So Mr John French (off of writing Horus Heresy Books and stuff) came round for a game. This was the first time I had faced the Chaos men and I rolled out the Orks

Sadly I took only two photos so this is more of a postcard than a holiday letter


Lots of Orks


So we had a great game and a great chat. I learned just how tough Chaos is with a lot of invulnerable saves rocking around. Ork Warbosses got harder, Chaos Lords less so.