Irish raid the Saxon Coast

As part of the Sherwood, Hucknall, Ilkeston Team move towards proper games of soldiers we are inducting General Ballroom into the Dark Ages. Hopefully we can make up a quartet for the Peterborough event in the autumn.

GB borrowed an army from Tom, who was to be master of ceremonies and I was to take the plucky Irish.

GB was the Saxons attempting to chase of the raiders from across the sea!

This was the Saxon battle line and they had brought some late Romans to help steady the line!

This is how the field looked

And these are the encroaching western forces, including some native Brits sick of the Saxons “coming over here taking our women!”

The game begins with the general Saxon advance. The Irish have no hope in a straight fight so we have to do some whittling and then pick our fights!

We can see that GB is pushing up on his left hoping to force a break. The Ceithern turned 90 degrees are there to stop the Saxon cavalry that routed my dogs and are threatening to roll my right flank.

Attempting some flanker action of my own, the most united Ceithern break from archer shots!

The inevitable Saxon charge. I have to hope that my ranks and hero’s will carry the day. Duguth are about twice as good as Ceithern but loads more expensive.

My King and Hero are in these units though. If it all goes wrong for the Saxons then there is the Late Roman Milites guarding the rear in shield wall!

The Irish triumph in the fight and the subsequent rout causes the late Romans to break. We might have a chance here!

But the Saxons are rounding the flank. Can GB’s cavalry rescue his left?

Here we see the state of play. Far right Saxon cavalry is engaged with skirmishes. The Saxon centre is in retreat. The Saxon elites are charging through to catch the Britis and the Irish cavalry has rallied.

Will they rally in time?

One unit does and is rewarded with lots of Irish!

The others do too but are pretty far from the fight now

The Saxon elite buzz saw does some to the Brits. Nine dead in two turns. It takes the Fianna flank charge to carry this combat and the game!


Yellow Orcs

Ok so in a complete shift of gear I stuck some Orcs together. Then I remembered from somewhere about being told about spraying orcs yellow and then washing them blue to make them green.

So here are my ten Savage Orc Arrer Boyz sprayed yellow.

Then a did a bit of cheeky highlighting and then, boom, blue glaze. Ready for the big reveal:

That’s not too shabby. Just need to finish them off.

Even more Saxons

So if you aren’t in the Early Saxons the blog has been a little stale for a while. But, if like me you love Early Saxons and the dark ages you are in luck.

I have finished basing the first unit of Duguth, and also added a unit of archers and some Duguth on horses.

The ones I have have a mix of armour or not so could be used as the mounted elite or armoured Duguth.

These are the Gedrith, I painted these last year. They have their lord one their left. This is the only really uniform unit in the army. I think they look a lot like Dwarfs.

First unit of Duguth foot. Probably the best offensive basic troops in the game. I spent some proper time on the shields and I think that helps make the unit.

The archers above are not the tactical choice but I am sick of painting slingers.

Below is the whole army (so far), just over 1000 points. I have two more units of Duguth to complete it. Hopefully this will be a scary prospect to face!

More Saxons

So working away all the time is crimping my hobby joy and my blog. I have read some history books and drawn a map but it isn’t the same.

I did manage to get these fellas done, and hope to have another couple of units squared away this weekend. I can’t seem to get the painting in the hotel thing to work 😔

I think you can tell which are the transfers and which are my painted ones. Sadly I feel mine are better so we are sticking with free hand for the rest of the army. Just means more work.

Anyway I wil try and blog more but I am sadly lacking content.

Anyone near Worcester fancy a game?

Race for the Meteors

Streaking through the night sky came six bright lights. The orca and Bretonnians saw these signs and raced for the treasures. Every turn they could be held gained the army more valuables. Tom had chosen he armies and battle commenced!

The Brets were outnumbered but undeterred

Don’t they just look great charging into battle

Tom had requested Bret peasants so I put as many as possible into the army. They are actually quite nasty in 8th ed!

Tom had his hard units ready for the scrap

These are my meteors. Beach rocks and pie trays!

Rom moves onto his easily. The trick to this game was getting across the board whilst keeping your own objectives!

Tom lovingly placed his goblins in the tower. Thank God for my poor phone graph You!

When you hit with the brets go balls deep and go straight through or you get bogged down and lose!

I didn’t think the Peg knights could win this but they proved to be awesome! WS 2 is the best to fight against!

The remnants of the squig herd

Knights of the Realm enema anyone?

A grand victory for Bretonnia! Tom rued his choice as Trebuchets and archers are a bargain. Just don’t buy knights and it all works!

Punic Wars Project

General Ballroom is working on his part of project invasion Italian Peninsula!

This elephant scares the crap out of me as I am not sure my skirmishers can stop it smacking nag a great big hole in my line!

It is lovely though!

Some cavalry coming along!

Finished Weliphant!

More infantry on the way!

And this is what he will be up against!

I just need to weather to varnish and static grass.

Warhammer 40k Black Templars vs Ork Alliance

Tom’s Gaming Heir had tired of cutting us up piece meal and declared that he would face a Holy Alliance with his mighty Black Templars. So confident was he that he even came without Marshall Helbretch!

We lined up ready for the slaughter!

Tom and I had a mixed bag of Orks. My army is a little confusing as it is all shooting. Yes it makes no sense. But it pleases me!

This is a problem that I am not entirely sure we can deal with!

And this!

Our solid line to drive off the Imperial speciests

We start by charging forward I swing the Dakka jet to run down the BT line! This actually sounds far more impressive than it actually is!

The evil Imperial sky beast makes a mistake and the canny dakka pilot slots in behind and opens fire….to no avail!

He keeps runners nag and blasting, I pursue!

We pretty much ran out of men. And we lost!

So Tom and I need t go away and paint about 60 Orks each. We haven’t so we keep losing!

Also apologies for the lack of posts. I will get on that.

The last of the transfers

So close now. 170 models in two months! These are the last of the transfers. Then I am going to pack it all away till the summer!

They are a pain as they are in two halves so these 48 are really 96

First 1000 points of Romans

I am getting close to the half way point of the Roman army. 5 heavy infantry, 1 light and 1 Cav.

If I sort the two characters I have a legal force. Sadly the snow has me penned in at home so no games. After this I have 74 models left to do, which is cool!

General Ballrooms Carthaginians

Project Punic Wars is on. GB is the crafty Carthaginians versus my plucky Romans. He is going with a heavy cavalry force versus my manipular formation.


He is also putting in 3 blocks of infantry and some Skirmishers

They are coming on really well. I am struggling to get my bases as nice as his!