Like some kind of glutton for punishment idiot I have started a Saxon force. Partially to have something to fight against the Irish, and partially as I don’t have anything else to do.


I have gone very uniform with them as they are the elite guard for the king. The others will be more varied. I have to confess it felt a lot like painting Dwarfs. I will get them based up and shielded but will also do a rimless (wonder how many people search that word) movement tray as the ranking up is not perfect.

More on these soon!


Irish Movement Trays

So for those of you not of Irish heritage and not growing up in the 70’s and 80’s the title of the piece would infer that there was something wrong with said movement trays. As a proud Irish lad myself I see them as a necessary tool to move 114 infantry round a gaming table.

I rough out the sizes I need and sand the sides.


I then spray them Rhinox Hide, dry brush and add static grass, to match my army!


That’s it, I’m done! Operation Irish Army in two months is complete. I am terrified of transporting it and suspect I will lose shields and spears by the score but hopefully I will have a good looking army for the tournament. Next is to figure out how to use it but with a week to go I don’t think many practice games will happen unless I can convince Tom to scive off!

Varnish and Static Grass

After a little break from the Irish (moving a million miles and painting some Picts) I was back on the case. With 164 (I bet someone counts them) models to get static grass onto I started with the customery satin varnish. This is going to be a wargaming army and as such will need to be protected (especially as it is all metal).


Post varnish I set about static grassing. I would love to field the 70 Ceithern in one unit like that but sadly in the game it is no better than having 40 in real terms.


Next stop, movement trays

Footsore Pict Cavalry

Having a bit of time on my hands (not having a job) and needing a distraction (losing my Mum – I am putting it there and then leaving it alone) when the Boys at Footsore asked if I could do them some painting I jumped at the chance. Pict Cavalry you say. Well having just done the Irish I figured I could have a good stab at it.


The photos are a bit dark so for pro photos go here Footsore


I really like how they came out and follow the rule of being nicer than the cavalry I did for myself!


I have been using Citadel Air paints to do the bases. they are runnier than normal so I can base it straight on. Also (don’t know why) they dry really quickly!


As the pict shields are irregular sizes they have to be freehanded – joy. But I am not currently planning on doing an army so phew!


The trim on the blanket is blue as I was going for tying the whole lot together with a wee bit of Brave Heart livery.


More dudes sporting the blue


I do like the shields but noy sure I could face hand painting 130 of them!


All of them together, not bad for three days work me thinks!

Last 10 Slingers

So I have done it. The Irish army is painted. Also the years painting challenge is complete as I race over the line 2.5 months early at 301 soldiers. I might see if 400 is doable but that is no official target.

Plenty of gingers to keep Tom happy! Onwards to movement trays!

Army shaping up

So the army about 9 weeks in. No shed wars but getting there.

Add ten slingers and I’m done. I am hoping there is enough here to make for some good games. The armies are about 30% smaller usually so I want the bodies to do the talking for me!

Footsore Order Arrives

This is the first two units for my early Saxon army. I may well do three or four armies as I have the Dark Ages bug. That will not all get done this year.

The plan is for a hard hitting elite army. Opposite to the Irish.

Here is my free done (thank you gents) who I am just going to have to paint up for the tournament.

Actually excited by more Dark Ages. Just need the bases to arrive!

Irish Cavalry

First off. These are lovely to paint. I really enjoyed them and now wish I had done all the blankets tartan. If I ever do a Pict army that will happen.

Tartan blanket

Here is my mounted hero. He is really the bite to this unit on the board.

The characters get personal shields and his throwing spear makes him nasty on the charge with 3 attacks.

Here is the rest of the unit. You take 9 so two casualties are not enough for a panic test. Sad but true

This leaves ten slingers to paint. Plus the movement trays. The end is in sight!

British Shields

So according to the Age of Arthur book the native British Shields were icy white. As GB couldn’t play as he is massively poorly sick and Tom is at the Giant’s Causeway (he doesn’t yet know how much time I have had to spend there in my life) I was left watching series 3 of Lucifer and painting the shields. Hopefully I will get the bases done tonight leaving just the cavalry and another unit of slingers to polish off the army. Oh and the small matter of varnish and static grass on all of them. Oh and movement trays!


I did them all freehand but Mr Farr was cussing my painting so I thought that I would show him!


I am pretty pleased with these. Some of the hats are a little garish but I figure the shields detract from that.


Hopefully the army done by the end of October all in. Which would be two weeks early!

Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl on Stevo’s kitchen table. Karl (off of being my friend for 20 years, working together for all that time, living together for a month and a few drunken outings – Vegas, Nuremberg and Nottingham) brought his Nurgle Rotters team round to give me a smacking. I tried to explain that I was fightier but we ended up in a good old ruck with many bruises on both sides.

I received first and the mayhem commenced!


My drive down the right hand side was going well. Karl had forgotten the frenzy and so found himself with a couple of fellas in the crowd. Also my paper thin armour was holding out.


So I cocked up going for greedy pain moves and Karl smashed in a Touch Down early in the second half. I would have to get it together!


What was left of the teams after two drives. I had no Blitzers on the pitch taking a chunk of the sting out of my offense!


Left hand drive this time. The Werewolves proved a useful counter to Karl’s Nurgle Warriors.


Last turn of the game I ran home the TD to draw the match. Fantastic time was had by all and it was great to see Karl!


I also introduced him to Marion Pale Ale brewed by Lincoln Green Brewery just down the round from the North Nottingham Gaming Hall in Hucknall. I might try and get them to sponsor an event at some point.

Lincoln Green Marion