Happy now??

So Steve Morris and Mark Farr are both adamant the the white bits on the flags had to go. Now just because they look loads better does not mean that they are right!!!!


OK, they are. Next question does anyone have any idea as banner topper?


Flags, problem solved

I have a friend called Colin Goodwin who insists that all painting and modelling problems can be dealt with by “Hitting it with your wallet”. I have been struggling with various solutions to the Irish Flag problem. I have wrestled (literally) with the Little Big Man ones (I know it is me).

Wargames Design came to the rescue. Very reasonable price for these. They are on good quality paper and came really quick. Stevo thumbs up! (Maybe I should do advertising)


The Ceithern need to look super Irish


So Greens, Whites and Orangey Reds


This one tied into the shields so went with that. I will use different ones for my Welsh/British DA allies.


This is the Army Standard Bearer, he gets Blue – very posh back then, the Fianna will get that too. He still needs some work and a shield (buckler) but yet more progress!


I think the army is at about 1000 points now depending on configuration and characters. Mark at Footsore has my order for some bits to finish the army off.

I am very tempted to order a Saxon army so I can host games. Picts, though tempting, are very similar and having both feels like it wouldn’t give a varied game. The other is Late Romans but Tom is doing them and I am hoping we will be playing a load of DA stuff unless his heirs make the Olympic Swimming Team.

Magnificent Seven – Irish

Another Hero, apologies the bases are not done but I have the heroes to actually drag my points up!


Christian Priest, not sure he is making the final list


Another Hero, I do need to add javelins to all of these


Dog handler, finishing another unit!


I need to finish this guys hair and head band


Best pose ever, will add some writing to his parchment


Army standard bearer, he is going to get more love and a shield


So progress is happening, with highlighting like billio on the Fianna tonight they could get to being done by Sunday.

Rejigging the army I am putting Footsore’s new Cav into the list as well. All very exciting!

Irish Army taking Shape

If you chuck in the spare dog I am at 96 models painted. I am struggling somewhat with banners but that is for the idiot “Future Stevo” to sort out.

Army shot


Ceithern 1


Ceithern 2


Ceithern 3


Slingers 1




Slingers 2


First of the mighty Irish Heroes, I might name them after each of my Irish Uncles, this one would therefore be Michael!


Hopefully Fianna and some more characters this week. Plenty of work to do though!

Rosemary & Co Paint Brushes

This is not a commerical blog and the reason I do it is not to make money, I also receive no money and am not linked to Rosemary & Co! But we are all consumers and sometimes I come across products that really are genuinely good.

My paint brushes have been on the ropes for a while now and I had been making do, I think it is something that we all do. I had got down to painting with either a #2 and a 00. Meaning that I was either inaccurate or everything took forever.

Anyway I have been hither and yon on paint brushes, having used:

GW, Army Painter, Winsor and Newton, Daler, Element Games and Rosemary and Co.

Now what I won’t say is R&C are the best paint brushes out there, I am not sure that is fair. But I think they are right for me. The reasons why:

  • They last. I paint 300 models a year (current count 2017 = 230) and I need something that will stand up and remain pointy.
  • They are good quality. I get a very statisfying result quickly with them. My painting flexes between 100’s a month at good wargaming standard to competition winning. But the brushes don’t change so they have to be good.
  • Price. For the above qualities at £4 a brush I am very happy.


So I would recommend giving them a go Rosemary & Co. You are after the Series 33. I have tried a lot of the others and these seem the best for miniatures.

20 more Ceithern

I have now got the body of the army painted. 68 Ceithern, either 24, 24 and 20 or 32 and 32, the later is being recommended.


From here we have 20 Fianna and 24 Combrogni allies. Then some characters (which all have some paint on now.

I am debating adding more bodies rather than going 500 points on characters but it is a tricky thing and I don’t have a grasp of what works best.

I will try and line up a practice game against Tom, or get GB to use the Saxons as that sits so well with his playing style it is frightening.

Kings Champion

To save you from seeing yet another unit of Ceithern I am posting up the first of my characters. This is a lovely model and I spent some time on him.


This guys mission is to seek out enemy characters and chib them in the face. We will see how that goes.


Not sure if the rear shot is necessary but all content is good content, right?


Hopefully finishing another 20 Ceithern tonight plus some more characters. Getting close to the 100 models mark. Which is good both for the tournament and the total model count for the year. It looks like I will hit both as it stands but then 2017 has been a funny one and I am counting no chickens!!!

Dark Ages Test Battle

Off to the Ilko Gaming Hut last night for Warhammer Ancient Battles Dark Ages. After painting 75 models I discovered that I had 250 points so Tom had to do loads of loansies.

General Ballroom took the late Roman and Saxon force. I was Saxon Irish.

Here is GBs line up, 4 units in 750 points.


My left flank, 2 units of 24 Ceithern


The rest of my force, two units of slingers, 24 Duguth (I am going to spell these wrong) and some Combrogni Cavalry with my Athling.


Battlefield shot, I am hopeful of enveloping the smaller force!


General Ballroom with the more defensive army moves up?


GBs right flank is secured by these fellas who are nine ways awesome if charged!


But if they charge up hill into a formed unit takes some of the sting out of them


The thin roman line is stretched thin


A lot happens in one turn. My cavalry break the Saxons with a flank charge


GB’s Duguth charge mine, roll awful dice and bounce in the centre and my Ceithern run down the late Roman’s. Oh and my other Ceithern murder the archers.


GB’s tabletop embodiment remains in a heroic last stand where he is javelined down as he charges in.


As a test game we only learned a few things:

  • GB will charge with everything at everything so we need to get him a Welsh or Saxon army!
  • Slingers are brutal, in this size game 20 was too many
  • Cavalry did better than they should in this and this was the exception not the rule
  • I did like playing Warhammer again but there are some bits wrong with it!

GB said he would play again and wants us to play ancients with another ruleset (hey we don’t know any of the ones we play so why not chuck another on the pile! But he has only painted 10 Carthaginians so we won’t have to do this for 10 years!


The weekend saw me start and finish the missile troops for the army. 20 slingers. On a good rattle these can kick out 40 shots a turn.

So on body count I am up to 75. So 68 to go. Not sure I can keep up the pace but hoping to have something tableable soon to try and practice. Hoping to figure out how it plays before the tournament!