Quite Week in May

I was away with work this week so nothing at the club. Did a spot of painting. Found a little hobby shop on the island as I was out of purple paint, it’s a hidden gem in Sandown so if visiting the island check it out, website Upstairs Downstairs Lastly Andy Hall, world famous writer… Continue reading Quite Week in May

February Week 4

Look at me go, two months consistent blogging. Been a very busy week. Crammed in six games since last Friday and finished the Warriors Sons Pat had chosen a strategy of no None Combat Units giving me full access to the tactics board, this lead to an amount of frustration for Pat but much more… Continue reading February Week 4

Lockdown Tidy Up

Talking to Tom we both mulled over that we had painted a lot of stuff over the year inside. I am also aware that I have been hammering you recently with the Seven Year War. This is also nowhere near everything I have painted in lockdown but I need somewhere to put the the SYW… Continue reading Lockdown Tidy Up