Bridge over the River Greeny

I am way behind on posting. I have found myself a job and as a consequence thrown my leisurely lifestyle into disarray! But one has to pay the bill!

This is the battle report from when Tom and I fought in preparation for the upcoming tournament. I will post up about that and link to all the other Bloggists who where there. I just checked Tom is way behind as well so don’t have to write about him being better than me.

So in this scenario the brave Irish are trying to forge a bridge head over a fast flowing river to invade the lands of the Late Romans lead by Tomosius. The hearty warriors of the Clan McGlassen (means Green and is actually my Clan though I am like 20 off the top, Catholics!) send fourth their General Stevo McGlassen to hold the ford in single combat whilst the rest of the army move up. Tom quite wisely sent forward his Bishop.

Now the Bishop charges in and I plug him with a javelin for half his wounds.


Realistically I need this combat to last as long as possible giving my army time to move up ready for the assault. But old Stevo here has different ideas and caves the Bishop’s head in round one. So reinforcements are nowhere to be seen :{


So my general’s Ceithern yomp up and plunge over the ford – big mistake he is surrounded and murdered. The only good news being that half my army hadn’t arrived yet to panic and run off!

Tom pursued and dumped his best troops onto the ford.

I repaid the favour of all the troops surrounding him.


Even so I couldn’t get across as Tom had so much in reserve and the game ended.


The buggers!


The learning points, try and keep the Irish together. We can’t go one to one with other units in the game so we need to kill stuff on our terms. As I am writing this retrospectively I know I haven’t done well at the tournament either but at least I got some soldiers and chocolate coins!


Late Romans stick Irish in Age of Arthur

In a vain effort to not look like knobs on Sunday Tom and I gathered to play some Age of Arthur. Tom, of course, has completely finished his force and will not be sticking on static grass whilst driving to Peterborough on Sunday. Here is his army now:


This is my lot. Look Tom movement trays and static grass and shields. To be fair I have no magnetic solution to the army so I am not sure how I am transporting them to the Peterborough (at freaking 6am!!!!).


Side shot of Tom’s. I love the Roman shield walls, they just look awesome!


We skirmish pre move. In case it is not obvious Tom has really good troops that do what you want them to do. I have buckets full of mentalers who pretty much do what they want with much gusto. But I hope that quantity has a quality all of its own!


Initial skirmishes lead to the dogs bouncing off the bow armed milites. I always get suckered into shooting at the skirmishers which is probably the least effective use of my missile troops.


The envelopment plan is going ok. My British allies obviously don’t fully back this battle plan and are hanging back to see how it goes before committing to the plan. With allies you have to roll to activate them for the first time. I, of course, rolled 1 two turns running and so they sat there considering the Irish rush onto the Roman spears.


So the basic plan here is to slam Ceithern into the front of Tom’s elites and give him horses in the side. We argued as to how horses work in this. I wanted them formed up as how I read it this gives them the ability to use the leadership of the hero and stuff. Tom said they were fine as skirmishers. Post battle I read that to take ranks they need to be formed up, so I cheated and probably won the game on that charge. They will be formed on Sunday.


In the middle we have a fairly even battle line.


It got very exciting in this middle bit. I smashed through the line. By rolling the flank and not properly aligning my fights didn’t go horribly wrong. I think most importantly Tom deployed zero shield walls. I was expecting an impenetrable wall of steel. Again this would have thrown the battle his way.


Summing up. I need to control the battlefield more. Put my damn ASB and Warlord in the middle. I did keep my heroes in the fights that means I kept killing stuff.

For Tom, SHIELDWALL!!! Also have ASB and Warlord in the centre and try to draw people into fights they can’t hope to win.

Overall Tom should have won. But I think we both learnt some stuff.

The Congo battle report that never was

We had a great time playing Congo hosted by GB. It is a great game and GB has done a brilliant job pulling all the models and scenery together.

So this (picture 1) is what we carried to the Ilko Gaming Hut to set the mood for the game. I took too few pictures so will roughly bash you through it. But this is not a full report, sorry!


The set up, down the middle is a dry gully full of lions!


Tom (coming from the north) stalks onto the table.


Lots more are on their way!


And more again!


In full flow


And the end


Basically Tom got two treasures and legged it winning the game, I think. As I said lots of fun but I made a poor fist of reporting it. Must try harder!!

Age of Arthur training game

With afternoon passes signed Tom and I convened to play WAB in the North Nottingham Gaming Hall. 1500 points (apologies I have one unit sprayed brown!)

Tom is Saxons with late Roman allies. One of the things I love about the period is that you get to do chunks of allies so that you can part build an additional army to see if you like it!

Late Romans with large shields. Covert their 5+ save!


Saxon Duguth


Saxon super hard fellas (can’t remember what they are called) and more Duguth, plus duguth skirmishers


Saxon archers, heading for the woods


Slingers, Ceithern + hero, Ceithern plus BSB


Ceithern + Warlord, Fianna + Hero


Brown British allies, slingers and dogs


More like a Skaven army.


My line marches forward


Tom comes up to meet me. WE will see who drops the charge in


Tom gets it, CRUNCH. I lose both units, 1/3 of my army gone!


I charge on the other side


The Saxons are thrown back but rally, Tom flank charges the Ceithern


Who break and rally, give us back my flag


Darn it that flank looks exposed!!


In go the Ceithern, can they break the shield wall??


Tom has plenty left at this point


My general’s unit is flanked, and soundly thrashed


I didn’t take any more photos but it didn’t end as badly as you might think. My BSB Ceithern broke the small unit of Duguth and paniced Tom’s elite super soldiers. But he still won.

I need to be using my superior unit count to make a difference, which wasn’t happening. Two’s on one will do it. Especially with the availability of heroes.

Need some more games and to finish off the army!

Dark Ages Test Battle

Off to the Ilko Gaming Hut last night for Warhammer Ancient Battles Dark Ages. After painting 75 models I discovered that I had 250 points so Tom had to do loads of loansies.

General Ballroom took the late Roman and Saxon force. I was Saxon Irish.

Here is GBs line up, 4 units in 750 points.


My left flank, 2 units of 24 Ceithern


The rest of my force, two units of slingers, 24 Duguth (I am going to spell these wrong) and some Combrogni Cavalry with my Athling.


Battlefield shot, I am hopeful of enveloping the smaller force!


General Ballroom with the more defensive army moves up?


GBs right flank is secured by these fellas who are nine ways awesome if charged!


But if they charge up hill into a formed unit takes some of the sting out of them


The thin roman line is stretched thin


A lot happens in one turn. My cavalry break the Saxons with a flank charge


GB’s Duguth charge mine, roll awful dice and bounce in the centre and my Ceithern run down the late Roman’s. Oh and my other Ceithern murder the archers.


GB’s tabletop embodiment remains in a heroic last stand where he is javelined down as he charges in.


As a test game we only learned a few things:

  • GB will charge with everything at everything so we need to get him a Welsh or Saxon army!
  • Slingers are brutal, in this size game 20 was too many
  • Cavalry did better than they should in this and this was the exception not the rule
  • I did like playing Warhammer again but there are some bits wrong with it!

GB said he would play again and wants us to play ancients with another ruleset (hey we don’t know any of the ones we play so why not chuck another on the pile! But he has only painted 10 Carthaginians so we won’t have to do this for 10 years!

Further Battles for Ilkestan 4

Last night we convened in the Ilko Gaming Hut for some quality 40K action back on Ilkestan 4. If you look it is a binary star leading to dual shadows of the desert plains (happy GB?). Those of you following the blog will note the ever changing Mats as GB buys up the EU surplus of battle mats.

Tom starts deploying his Orks top left, GB top right with the Genestealers and I take bottom left with Crimson Fist Space Marines.


GB vowing to play a canny skulking game, charges straight at Tom!


The thin blue line lead by Pedro Kantor!


Tom bunkers down ready for the purple onslaught


First strike Tom wellies his kans into the stealers.


More genestealers wash around the shores of Tom’s defenses.


This is supposed to be an arty shot showing a lictor hiding in a ruined corridor


GB throws more bodies at the orks


The Kans cannot stand against such overwhelming odds


Tom is almost done as all but forgotten I start to trudge up the table!


Poor old Burna Boyz are surrounded on all sides. Can they burn their way out.


My Dread, largely unopposed wanders onto the objective and wins an undeserved and hollow victory.


We all had fun but the rule of whoever GB throws his Genestealers at means the other player wins holds true. I was a spectator for it and felt bad for shooting up Tom as without me destroying his large ork unit from afar he might have weathered the GS storm better. I think we might need to think harder on this or (heaven fore fend) get a fourth member of the group *cough Andy!

Sharp Practice – The Hunt for Creamy Beatrix

So we met up last night for some Sharp Practice. Tom was being the Brits, I was the French and General Ballroom hosted magnificently! Beautiful table!

We both start off off the board!


Tom shows off his tiny pezzal!


My force pre deployment


I activate first and march down the road (spoilers – this ends very badly)


Next my Voltigeurs skirmish onto the board. Tom is nowhere to be seen!


Still no sign of the Brits as I start to search for the escaped prisioner in the building!


My force continues its route through the countryside


Tom appears on my flank – I hadn’t thought this through and was pretty much taken out of the game by that one volley to the march column flank!


At 3 markers a turn it would be 6 turns before this formation was unshaken. If Tom did not shoot again!


The thin red line!


My other troops rush to the rescue


Tom now deploys the rest of his force, and despite me having had a couple of turns in hand I am in a lot of trouble!


My second set of line infantry may be able to capitalise on Tom’s formation!


But no, British shooting is too good. The column stalls. I land a flank volley on the British line.


My other Voltigeurs go chasing off to find Beatrix whilst all my line infantry languish under blast markers.


Tom’s centre companies


We have done the whole Sharp Practice before. I think it was a long day. I was tired and this game feels a little over complex for me. Some games the rules are all but invisible.  I cannot say that about this. It is a thing even with a lot of practice (get it) would remain evident that the rules not the feel drive the action.

I love the period and I love how the game looks. But I think this will be my last game of Sharp Practice. I must type up my own set of rules!

15mm ACW

So last night it was over to Owen’s for American Civil War 15mm. I got to meet his daughter’s boyfriend Nat who was going to be commanding the Union whilst I as always took the confederates. I am on the right!

Nat’s mission was to exit via the road on my table edge.


Owen uses an adapted version of Black Powder with rules for troop experience and different firearms.


Nat was on his first go so just blazed away for the majority of the battle. I simply went for disrupting as many units as possible to minimise Union movement and shooting.


Up close the two sides blaze away across the fences. I asked Owen to make me a load of these fences in 28mm and there are no prizes for his response!


The Union in this battle had a significant number advantage so  casualties for me were far more costly.


In the end my centre broke leaving Nat free to race through the gap. There was nothing I could do to stop him.

Fantastic game and a brilliant set up. Thank you Owen for wargames, hosting and chicken!

The Men who would be Kings Battle Report


So the night before last we played a game of TMWWBK by that great bloke Dan Mersey (he wrote nice things on my old blog and is a mate of Tom’s so he is alright by me).

I have to say this is a fantastic little rules set. The game bashed along at a fair old pace. Tom had done a lovely job of painting all the models and he even did unit cards so you randomly got variants of each unit to make them more flavoursome.

The game begins with one of my units defending “Creamy Beatrix” as the Afgan hordes descend. I am not going to lie, at this point and with General Ballroom getting the first turn and storming onto the table with his entire army I darn near crapped myself.


My troops formed close order drill and I brought on a field gun


GB herds more guys towards me


And yet more


They are getting very close!!


GB moves again and I am now terrified, but then I shoot


and a unit is cut in two!


It then got all very exciting and I forgot to take photos for ages, hardly anything left


To win GB had to get two units to the creamy one, my firepower proved too much, but the game went down to the wire.

Looking forward to doing more though we are talking about starting the French Indian wars!!!


40K Three Way – Salamanders, Orks and Genestealers

The members of the Sherwood, Hucknall Ilkeston Team gathered once more for wargamming and drinking. I suggested going to the pub but 40K won out.

First time in a while I have beaten Tom to the punch and got my report up first.

This is a 50 power game (the power thing is working really well for us as it is quick and easy – I can see it being open to abuse but we aren’t that clever) I warned Tom before we started that General Ballroom’s Genestealers are lethal.

With that is mind he lined up next to me and made for a fight!

I am on the left and Tom is on the right


Did I see something moving in those buildings?


Oh, they are all full of Genestealers, sad face. You get 10 Genestealers for 8 power making them slightly cheaper than a Tactical Squad. I think with the GS’s moving at 8″, advancing D6″ and then being able to charge 2D6″ you have potentially the one turn charge! Once in combat the Marines can’t win so it is all on the shooting!


Tom is lined up ready to smash me with his main unit


Which he duly does, my Captain’s heroic intervention is the only thing denting those Orks, the Dread eats a couple of Nobs, I am trying for the morale check


While Tom and I tear lumps out of each other GB is free to roam the board


What remains of my force as my Captain cuts down the last of the boys. I have lost two dreadnoughts and a Tactical squad!


At this point: GB has lost one model, Tom has a Trukk with some boyz in and a couple of Deff Koptas, I have a Captain badly injured, a Tactical Squad and an Assault squad in reserve.


The inevitable happens and the Genestealers pounce. Tom and I take a fair few with us but in the end the blue and purple tide carry the day!


I am really enjoying 40K and it is an absolute joy to get each of my armies out to see how they fair (TBH a lot are Space Marines and so it is different windows into the same house) I am going to look at getting the Chaos and Elves book so that I can give those a blast too. Anyway I think I am just rambling so will sign off for now!