Sharp Practice – The Hunt for Creamy Beatrix

So we met up last night for some Sharp Practice. Tom was being the Brits, I was the French and General Ballroom hosted magnificently! Beautiful table!

We both start off off the board!


Tom shows off his tiny pezzal!


My force pre deployment


I activate first and march down the road (spoilers – this ends very badly)


Next my Voltigeurs skirmish onto the board. Tom is nowhere to be seen!


Still no sign of the Brits as I start to search for the escaped prisioner in the building!


My force continues its route through the countryside


Tom appears on my flank – I hadn’t thought this through and was pretty much taken out of the game by that one volley to the march column flank!


At 3 markers a turn it would be 6 turns before this formation was unshaken. If Tom did not shoot again!


The thin red line!


My other troops rush to the rescue


Tom now deploys the rest of his force, and despite me having had a couple of turns in hand I am in a lot of trouble!


My second set of line infantry may be able to capitalise on Tom’s formation!


But no, British shooting is too good. The column stalls. I land a flank volley on the British line.


My other Voltigeurs go chasing off to find Beatrix whilst all my line infantry languish under blast markers.


Tom’s centre companies


We have done the whole Sharp Practice before. I think it was a long day. I was tired and this game feels a little over complex for me. Some games the rules are all but invisible.  I cannot say that about this. It is a thing even with a lot of practice (get it) would remain evident that the rules not the feel drive the action.

I love the period and I love how the game looks. But I think this will be my last game of Sharp Practice. I must type up my own set of rules!


Red Coat Close Ups

As requested here are some close ups of the Red Coats. You will note the green trim as I want them to be from Nottingham. Now living in Nottingham and having had, in the past to travel frequently to the US I figured I had some empathy with these fellas.


GB suggested penny basing to keep them nice and tight when formed up. I feel a Warbases order coming on!


I thought they were tidier when I took this photo. But here are the first 19. I built another 11 last night so will be ready for war fairly soon.


19 Redcoats “Dave Done”

Are you nearly ready for some “Lasy of the Mohicans” action. I need about 8 more dudes to get me to the starting force but that is well doable. Let’s see what the other boys come up with. And Tom is still making disgruntled noises about historical accuracy. I will get some Highlanders at some point but that is a little way off with the Irish looming.

I do note as a side bar that I have been talking about this Irish army much as very shallow movies talk about the major half time plot device!


I also have to say that I think in all my years of painting toy soldiers these are the most Toy Soldiery Toy Soldiers that I have ever done. I recommend getting a box to anyone as you will enjoy the whole experience.

Anyway onwards and upwards!

Wolfe’s Army

Through the post came this little gem. Giving me some cool painting ideas.


I am now looking forward to a relaxing weekend where I can read this through and become inspired.

I also want to get into the background for the Age of Arthur stuff!

More FIW Progress

The text and email chatter is aplenty and the lads are all engaging in the Muskets and Tomahawks project. There is some talk that the quality of soldiers out there is variable and a close inspection is recommended.

My Perry’s fellas are doing well. I need to finish off the black, do a brown strap, highlight the grey and the white and white line the hats. Sounds like a lot but I reckon that can get sorted pretty quick.


I will probably get another group including command done then shelve this as I have an Irish army to paint for an Age of Arthur tournament that Tom is taking (making me go) to for my Birthday – I think the timing is coincidental.

Anyway with 150 Irish to go there is a long road to the 12th November! I am looking forward to it. Though Tom is going to have to teach me to play.

Beginning of a French Indian War Force

So on Saturday morning full of head cold I toddled over to Caliver Books. What I hadn’t realised was that it was Claymore Wargames show so most of the stock was absent. I was after these fellas:


Now as discussed at the Sherwood, Hucknall, Ilkeston Team gathering the difference between these and the chaps in the FIW is minimal. And even GB (a stickler for these things) agreed they would be fine. Only once they where half painted did Tom start with his chiding about them being from the wrong period. I will just paint them really nicely and that will show him!!


And yes one remained behind when I went to spray them so I have 19 not 20 in progress, 😦