End of May

Got back to Game of Thrones this week, demo game for Simon at the club. He seemed to like it, and it was an awesome battle! My Nordland army is one of the poorer provinces and I see the posting there for the Reiksguard to be the one that attracts the worst of the regiment,… Continue reading End of May

Actual Warhammer – High Elves vs Nurgle

Kenton came over on Saturday and we socially distanced Warhammer. The table being 4’ wide helps. So Ellyrion Reavers on the left, Dragon Princes, Prince on Griffon, Sword Masters, Lothern Seaguard. More Lothern Sea Guard, two units of archers, one in my new building, and a Repeater Bolt Thrower Kenton always plays an aggressive game… Continue reading Actual Warhammer – High Elves vs Nurgle