Crimson Fist Land Raider

Now for about a million years the normal Land Raiders have been balls. They do not know what they are doing. Against Infantry they are meh, as tank hunters they are ok but sub optimal. However, in the dawning of 8th they find their place once more in the world. Tank killer (four Lascannons baby), plus a Multi Melta, Troop killing with two Heavy Bolters and a Storm Bolter we are killing everything!

Here is one that Gary gave me that I finally patched up and painted!

This needs some transfers and a little bit of detail work but it is almost there (Dave Done).


Side view


As I had the paints on the pallet I bashed this guy out too. He needs more work but will try and get him polished off soon.


Due to the volume of SM stuff I have gathered over the years I have all the options (except a Thunderfire Cannon but it is on Ork tracks…sorry long rant moved to a future post) so refining what the final army looks like is tough at this stage. I am trying hard not to paint a million Captains as I have loads and they are all cool.

Anyway hopefully finishing some stuff on the next post, or maybe more battle reports.


Crimson Fists

Spurred on by Brendan’s teasing about home wreckers and Tom’s challenge to refight the Rynn’s World campaign (we managed one game last time) I got all excited about space marines in general and Crimson Fists in particular.

As a second founding and famously most peoples first image of a Space Marine I don’t have to worry about the Heresy muddying my build plan they can be purely 40K and the embittered enemies of my Orks.

With my airbrush and some free time I can get onto batch painting the Fists

Originally the Hellbasters (not knicked from Volleygun fame at all) were going in the Blood Angels but they sit a little better in the Fists, as with the Termies and the Primaris Captain. I will do the Intercessors and the Fat Sky Divers too.

2017-07-11_07-39-39_939 - Copy

Here we have another Tactical Squad (number three), a Primaris Ancient, Apothecary and Centurian (power extreme) Devastators!

2017-07-11_07-39-51_162 - Copy

I also have a Dev Squad, Land Raider and Dreadnought cooking. Hopefully something will actually get finished soon!