The Other Partizan

So Tom and I headed over to “The Other Partizan” yesterday to collect toy soldiers. He was getting some French men for the French Indian War project and I was collecting my Irish – more on that soon.

The chap on the left is called Steve (I think) and has put this gorgeous game on. That is Tom at the end sporting his ever thinning hair!!


Lots of beautiful toy soldiers.


Each of the features of the board are removable so that the period can be shifted depending on what you want to play. I thought that was very clever!


Great show my final haul was 20 Fianna, 24 Combrogni, 5 Paints, 3 Trees, 40 Spears and a dirty burger!


Wolfe’s Army

Through the post came this little gem. Giving me some cool painting ideas.


I am now looking forward to a relaxing weekend where I can read this through and become inspired.

I also want to get into the background for the Age of Arthur stuff!

Beginning of a French Indian War Force

So on Saturday morning full of head cold I toddled over to Caliver Books. What I hadn’t realised was that it was Claymore Wargames show so most of the stock was absent. I was after these fellas:


Now as discussed at the Sherwood, Hucknall, Ilkeston Team gathering the difference between these and the chaps in the FIW is minimal. And even GB (a stickler for these things) agreed they would be fine. Only once they where half painted did Tom start with his chiding about them being from the wrong period. I will just paint them really nicely and that will show him!!


And yes one remained behind when I went to spray them so I have 19 not 20 in progress, 😦