Seven Year War Battle Report

Been on the island now for eight weeks and am really enjoying my time at the South Wight Wargamers Club. If you are on the island and have never been then get yourselves down there! Patrick and I had promised to do a historical battle and as my favourite is Seven Years War he indulged… Continue reading Seven Year War Battle Report

Seven Years War Battle Report

For a couple of months now I have been painting two SYW armies with the eventual hope of an actual war game. I have to say they have come out better than expected and given me a new and diverse (so they are all white men, mostly with massive moustaches) painting challenge in terms of… Continue reading Seven Years War Battle Report

Austrian Cuirasses

From painting the ElCid armies I learnt a lot about painting horses. John Stallards top tip is to colour spray your horses. Getting the horses done first is makes painting cavalry less of a pain. There is a lot of white on these guys which is hard, but but I think they really pop on… Continue reading Austrian Cuirasses

Hanoverian Musketeers

Really enjoyed painting these and am very tempted to do a whole force. I think the red and buff look amazing and these guys are the real underdogs in the field, facing France and Austria! The flags aren’t strictly correct and I will have to have a think about them if I do a whole… Continue reading Hanoverian Musketeers