February Week 4

Look at me go, two months consistent blogging. Been a very busy week. Crammed in six games since last Friday and finished the Warriors Sons Pat had chosen a strategy of no None Combat Units giving me full access to the tactics board, this lead to an amount of frustration for Pat but much more… Continue reading February Week 4

Back at the Blog

Tom always says that a lot of the blog post out there are the apologies for not posting. I think blogs become that neglected part of the garden that you don’t see unless you wander down to that part and stare sadly at the overgrown area you once cherished! The new plan is to do… Continue reading Back at the Blog

Battles in the North Nottingham Gaming Hall

Orcs vs Orcs, battle for the tower. How exciting is that. Tom has the more aggressive two hand weapon biguns vs my sword and board, later they go head to head. In the tower I have my Ruglud’s Crossbow Orcs. They are a bit dodgy on the rules but I love them and they aren’t… Continue reading Battles in the North Nottingham Gaming Hall

Lockdown Tidy Up

Talking to Tom we both mulled over that we had painted a lot of stuff over the year inside. I am also aware that I have been hammering you recently with the Seven Year War. This is also nowhere near everything I have painted in lockdown but I need somewhere to put the the SYW… Continue reading Lockdown Tidy Up