Further Battles for Ilkestan 4

Last night we convened in the Ilko Gaming Hut for some quality 40K action back on Ilkestan 4. If you look it is a binary star leading to dual shadows of the desert plains (happy GB?). Those of you following the blog will note the ever changing Mats as GB buys up the EU surplus of battle mats.

Tom starts deploying his Orks top left, GB top right with the Genestealers and I take bottom left with Crimson Fist Space Marines.


GB vowing to play a canny skulking game, charges straight at Tom!


The thin blue line lead by Pedro Kantor!


Tom bunkers down ready for the purple onslaught


First strike Tom wellies his kans into the stealers.


More genestealers wash around the shores of Tom’s defenses.


This is supposed to be an arty shot showing a lictor hiding in a ruined corridor


GB throws more bodies at the orks


The Kans cannot stand against such overwhelming odds


Tom is almost done as all but forgotten I start to trudge up the table!


Poor old Burna Boyz are surrounded on all sides. Can they burn their way out.


My Dread, largely unopposed wanders onto the objective and wins an undeserved and hollow victory.


We all had fun but the rule of whoever GB throws his Genestealers at means the other player wins holds true. I was a spectator for it and felt bad for shooting up Tom as without me destroying his large ork unit from afar he might have weathered the GS storm better. I think we might need to think harder on this or (heaven fore fend) get a fourth member of the group *cough Andy!


Daemons vs Orks 40K

This is not quite a battle report but mostly some photos of set up. I am using my new flames of war mat and used the Orks to battle the evil Daemons.



I was battling an old work colleague Marco. He has done all the hard work and made an unstoppable Daemon Horde, it turned out to be unstoppable!


Here is the handsome lad himself, for those vast quantities of single ladies reading this blog and dreaming of netting themselves a hunky Italian wargamer with a respectable job, he is currently on the market!!


Down the table shot. This was the end on turn one and then making pizza for the family and beer distracted me from the mission of photos.


Marco easily beat me and my MSUs with Orks worked poorly. I keep saying it but I need to get some more bodies on the board to start the winning process.

Thanks for the game Marco and I will endeavour to produce a better battle report next time!

40K Three Way – Salamanders, Orks and Genestealers

The members of the Sherwood, Hucknall Ilkeston Team gathered once more for wargamming and drinking. I suggested going to the pub but 40K won out.

First time in a while I have beaten Tom to the punch and got my report up first.

This is a 50 power game (the power thing is working really well for us as it is quick and easy – I can see it being open to abuse but we aren’t that clever) I warned Tom before we started that General Ballroom’s Genestealers are lethal.

With that is mind he lined up next to me and made for a fight!

I am on the left and Tom is on the right


Did I see something moving in those buildings?


Oh, they are all full of Genestealers, sad face. You get 10 Genestealers for 8 power making them slightly cheaper than a Tactical Squad. I think with the GS’s moving at 8″, advancing D6″ and then being able to charge 2D6″ you have potentially the one turn charge! Once in combat the Marines can’t win so it is all on the shooting!


Tom is lined up ready to smash me with his main unit


Which he duly does, my Captain’s heroic intervention is the only thing denting those Orks, the Dread eats a couple of Nobs, I am trying for the morale check


While Tom and I tear lumps out of each other GB is free to roam the board


What remains of my force as my Captain cuts down the last of the boys. I have lost two dreadnoughts and a Tactical squad!


At this point: GB has lost one model, Tom has a Trukk with some boyz in and a couple of Deff Koptas, I have a Captain badly injured, a Tactical Squad and an Assault squad in reserve.


The inevitable happens and the Genestealers pounce. Tom and I take a fair few with us but in the end the blue and purple tide carry the day!


I am really enjoying 40K and it is an absolute joy to get each of my armies out to see how they fair (TBH a lot are Space Marines and so it is different windows into the same house) I am going to look at getting the Chaos and Elves book so that I can give those a blast too. Anyway I think I am just rambling so will sign off for now!

Chaos Marines vs Orks

So Mr John French (off of writing Horus Heresy Books and stuff) came round for a game. This was the first time I had faced the Chaos men and I rolled out the Orks

Sadly I took only two photos so this is more of a postcard than a holiday letter


Lots of Orks


So we had a great game and a great chat. I learned just how tough Chaos is with a lot of invulnerable saves rocking around. Ork Warbosses got harder, Chaos Lords less so.

Three way 40K, Guard, Templars and Orks

Tom and gaming heir arrived for a Saturday afternoon game, we flipped through the 40K and found out the rules for multi player games. On the bones of Triumph and Treachery the system works really well.

Tom got his Battle Report up first just go here.

Gaming Heir bunkered down with his mighty Templars


I am at the end and hugging cover too as I am somewhat out matched having the worst possible combination of neither armoured nor blob guard army.


Tom’s Red Orks, they are super tough!


Tom starts the treck into no mans land!


My Leman Russ goes up against the Land Raider Crusader, that doesn’t go well for me. Multilaser Scout Sentinels hunt Orks, must remember to keep them out of charge range!


Still a lot of dudes on the table, keep your heads down lads


The Orks head towards objective on my right,  I have a squad their but that will not stop a Trukk, Warboss and Ork mob.


Chimera and Kasrikin are going to try and stop the Ork advance


Meanwhile Gaming Heir is being overwhelmed by Orks, the shear volume of dice pumped out by Ork units mean that equal points of Tactical Marines versus Orks is a super tough challenge


A barely scratched Land Raider is winning the tank dual.


My Iron Fist squad take the objective but the Orks are coming


The Shoota Boyz pile into the guard, not going too well


Tom had all the objectives bar one and had racked up all the points and won. Well fought and loads more 40K fun!!

40K 8th First Stab

So Tom and I both scampered down to Warhammer World to get copies of the new 40K and other gaming stuff. Then raced back to the North Nottingham gaming hall to try it out. I had quickly read the rules to try and make this a bit easier on us!

I was GM (you don’t need one) Tom was Orks and Tom Jnr was Black Templars. Tom as always beats me to posting so here is his version.

There are three ways to play 40K now much like AoS:

First open play – no points just gauge it

Two, narrative play – uses power and gives rough parity (exact equipment not accounted for)

Three, matched play – full points for tournamenty stuff

I think I would always go with power as life is too short!

So Tom is on the left and his gaming heir is on our right. The Orks pour across the board. Vehicles are faster but infantry about the same.


The Landraider (tin box) is super hard in this and a little worrying for my eyes. It is about a 1/3 of the army value but is un-scratchable for the most part!


The important change for me is that stuff feels more survivable in this version of the rules, which is kinda odd as everything can now hurt everything. Tom’s Deff Dredd took an entire army of shooting without fully (one wound left) exploding which is loads better.


Space Marines proved as hard as before, especially if you dig them into terrain and keep the enemy at arms length.


Overall 40K is not a million miles from where it was. The simplification has enhanced the playing experience and means it is far more accessible for new/returning players. I am very excited to play more.

As promised I will commit to a project. My Project is 100 power of both Orks and Blood Angels so I can invite people over to play. Now back to painting!!