Seven Year War Battle Report

Been on the island now for eight weeks and am really enjoying my time at the South Wight Wargamers Club. If you are on the island and have never been then get yourselves down there! Patrick and I had promised to do a historical battle and as my favourite is Seven Years War he indulged… Continue reading Seven Year War Battle Report

Back – and here are some SYWBrits

I think I am getting old and can’t work technology anymore. But I figured out why I couldn’t upload photos! I am so happy I can post again! The SYW stuff is almost all painted, can’t get any more till GB get the whole buying Front Rank sorted. So now I am back on the… Continue reading Back – and here are some SYWBrits

Shush it’s a secret

Here it is, the secret Howitzer! So this thing was supposed to be awesome in the old SYW. One was gifted to the Austrians who thought very little of it. The old Russians were dead into their artillery in general and they devised this to be an amazing secret weapon. It is absolutely massive which… Continue reading Shush it’s a secret

Seven Years War Battle Report

For a couple of months now I have been painting two SYW armies with the eventual hope of an actual war game. I have to say they have come out better than expected and given me a new and diverse (so they are all white men, mostly with massive moustaches) painting challenge in terms of… Continue reading Seven Years War Battle Report

Austrian Grenadiers Update

Finally finished these guys. These leaves two infantry battalions remaining. Hungarian Musketeers and Prussian Grenadiers. I still need to do army shots for Brendan even though he counts this war as Fantasy! I have done two different static grasses but to be honest not sure the lighter one is hitting the spot, semi tempted to… Continue reading Austrian Grenadiers Update

Austrian Grenadiers

Marching on with the Seven Years War we are moving into what I am hoping is the final stages. Elite infantry are now being added. Austrian Grenadiers are the only ones in the period still carrying grenades, the name marking the troop type out as the biggest and best. These lads have bear skins and… Continue reading Austrian Grenadiers